completed NJ RN program where can I take the Boards for RN other than NY/NJ

  1. Hi all,
    I attanded a program in NJ and completed all the courses up until Med-Surg II and Capstone. There was a host of reasons why I left but one of the reasons is the program was not accredited by NJ BON. Too long of a story to even get to the other reasons as to why I left.

    Anyhow, I've since completed a PN program from an accredited school. I'm currently waiting for my ATT to take the Boards. I've just recently learned that I could've sat for the Florida Boards because of my completion of the RN classes.

    My question is, does anyone know of any other state that would let me sit for the RN Boards (endorsed through NJ) based on the classes and/programs I've taken. I have to also mention that I will most like be a PN in a couple of months too.

    I've spent a lot of money on nursing school with the goal of wanting to be an RN. Any and all information will be of use. Help! Thank you!
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    Where did you get your information about Florida? From the Florida BON?

    Because I'm pretty sure you have to graduate in order to take the NCLEX.
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    Wait- your thread title says you 'completed NJ RN program' but your post says you completed some classes in an RN program.
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    Hi. a friend from the same program I was in is currently waiting for her ATT to take the PN exam in Florida.
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    hello again,
    I can't say "graduated" per se, as I did not. I left after the "drop period" while in Capstone, which is in the last semester of the the program as was my friend in the aforementioned post.