Change in NCLEX Questions??? BIG NEWS - page 3

Hey, Just wondering if anyone else has heard that the NCLEX is going to be changing the way the test questions are formatted ie, multiple answers to questions, using charts, graphs, fill in the... Read More

  1. by   orca1
    Thanks so much for the info

    I am wondering if the traction they are talking about deals with pediatrics? I can kind of remember there being like 4 or 5 different types of traction for kids. Anyhow...I do not even remember covering traction in my adult ortho lectures.

    Well, I am off to clinical this morning. I am being put on a floor where the nurses have already kicked 2 sets of students off of. I really do not know why they are putting me there, but I am sure I will have an interesting day.

    Have a good one and THANKS again for the tips.

  2. by   missionnurse
    Our instructor just returned from a conference about NCLEX and she was told these changes WILL be implemented in April. They were told the questions had already been tested and were ready to be implemented!

    Now catch this one! Our faculty has decided that to best prepare us for these changes, they will begin adding theses types of questions to our tests. With only 8 weeks of school left!!!!!

    We are just a bit aggravated!!!

    Anyone else in this position??
  3. by   orca1
    Our class will be meeting witht he dean on March 10. She said it was an emergency meeting so I have a feeling that this information will be told to us as well.
    In regards to the questions on our tests beign changed...I am doubting it because that is how we have been tested since the beginning. Believe really sucks

  4. by   vaughanmk
    I want to know where they've tested these questions? I haven't heard of a single person taking these innovative questions yet. NCLEX won't put questions on a test until it has been previously tested and statistically analyzed. I think that if they have not proven that this has been done and that if people start failing NCLEX due tho these questions lawsuits will be filed. They say that the questions can "count" starting in April but I don't think they have even started implementing it yet.

    Has anyone seen the new questions on a pilot yet?