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On thursday, I will resubmit my application to take my boards. This will be my second time taking them and by GOD'S GRACE I will pass. Everyday I pass by the Pearson Vue going to and from work. I... Read More

  1. by   eliza_mae017
    Hello Good Morning girls its a wonderful morning, there's HOPE that God is showing to all of us each day... COntinue studying, and PRAy hard. HE will let us surpass this NCLEX exam with VICTORY........

    I will include u angel in my prayer, i will also taking mine this APRil....... AND to all of us NCLEX test takers, GOD hear our prayers.. Will all Pass NCLEX..

    Ok just finish my latte~ and will review with SAundersssss., whoooooooo NLCEX here I Comeeeeeeeeeee
  2. by   Immortal_us
    That's the spirit, we can not let this test get us down we have to believe in the wonderful power that the lord has and that he has promised, if you seek him and his kingdom he will provide, he already know everything that we want but we must ask, and he surely will deliver when you have great faith and never doubt, do not doubt what it is that the lord can do remember he can move mountains, so with that said you guys will pass your boards.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  3. by   2005grad
    You guys are awesome!!!! Here's a song by Kirk Franklin I love to sing to the devil:angryfire . For you guys that is taking the boards for the first time sing this song. For you guys taking the boards again YELL THIS SONG!! :Melody: :angel2:

    I told the Storm
    By Kirk Franklin

    Eventhough ur winds blow I want you to know
    You cause me no alarm coz im safe in his arms
    Evnthough ur rain falls i can still make this call
    Let there be peace now i can take gooooooold away
    i command you to move today
    because of faith i have a brand new day
    the sun will shine and i will be okay
    thats what i told the storm

    I told the storm(oh yes i did)
    to pass
    storm you cant last
    you got to go
    go away i command you to move today
    storm, when god speaks you dont have a choice
    in the matter you have to seis....yes thats what i told the storm (repeat)

    No weapons formd against me shall prosper I dont have to worry about a thing
    (i told the storm)
    Im more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ, and he's gonna bring me out alright oh yes he is
    (i told the storm)
    It's amazing grace thats brought me safe thus far, and grace is gonna lead me home
    (i told the storm)
    I stood on solid ground and told my storm and you need to tell your storm.........
    Oh wind stop blowing,blood stop flowing lighting stop flashing,braker stop bashing
    Darkness go away,cloud move away thts what i told the storm

    Death cant shake me,job cant make me, bills cant break me,disease cant take me,u cant drown me
    my god surrounds me thats what i told the storm(repeat)

    Thats what i told the storm

    Please let me know how I can help any of you. Faith
  4. by   Cort81
    CONGRATULATIONS 2005GRAD!!!! I am so proud of you. My test is in the morning at 8 am!!! I haven't gotten extremely nervous yet, I feel alot better than the first time, but still somewhat nervous. We drove to the testing center and are staying in a hotel right next door tonight, so that I can walk to the testing center in the morning, which is good so no traffic issues!! Anyones I read the lyrics you wrote, and loved them!! WISH ME LUCK--!!
    Nclex here I come MARCH 20!!!
  5. by   eliza_mae017
    Goodluck Cort81... I know God is beside u,and u will be able to get ur license..I know when u read this, ur better relax, atlast the test is finished, so go ahead . Go out, and breathe some fresh air. GoodlucK.. I will pray for u:angel2:
  6. by   Cort81
    Thank you so much Eliza Mae...and you are right, it is over!!! I will know Wednesday and am going to play the waiting game until then! Thanks for your prayers, I definetly felt all of them!!!
  7. by   nursingone
    Good morning Ladies,

    I hope and pray that all is well! Praise god for the victory of taking and passing the NCLEX test.... .We have to trust and believe that God has plans for us....

    I am truly grateful for this website because I have some strong sisters/brothers in Christ...God is awesome..Thank you to everyone for the positive words of faith, prayer and encouragement regarding my NCLEX exam....God is able, good and God never fails...It will be alright....

    Have a blessed week....We have to continue to be strong in Christ, his words and his work....


  8. by   2005grad
    Just wanted you guys no I just got hired in ICU today. Praise the LORD EVERYBODY!!!!!:roll :roll

  9. by   Immortal_us
    Alright I am so happy for you, Praise the Lord!!! he is truly awesome

    Thank you jesus for everything you have done and for keeping us and showing us that faith goes a long way. Thank you lord for revealing yourself to us and showing us the mighty power that you possess. I ask that you keep nursingone at peace while she waits let her know that she is alright bc she serves and awesome god. Lord I ask that you bless cort81 with her license on wednesday, keep her calm and relaxed so that she can jump for joy, shout, and cry when she sees the awesome power that you will deliver to her on wednesday. To guide eliza for her day she has work hard and is prepared for the battle to come I ask that you deliver her keep her and guide the holy spirit through her while answering each question. AMEN.

    JESUS IS REAL for those that don't believe all of us have put our trust in him and seeked him and he has delivered.

    PS.Congrats to 2005grad, she asked and it was given praise god!

    I love you guys :kiss

    Jesus Is Lord
  10. by   eliza_mae017
    thanks Immortal God is good for showing me everyday that, He is the light of my life. Thanks to u guys how u strengthen my faith to him. Thank u so much. MAy God always bless u all, and 2005grad congrats of being an ICU nurse..
  11. by   2005grad
    What would we do without this thread it has been a blessing to me. :spin:

  12. by   nursingone
    Good morning Ladies,


    Praise god for this awesome victory. Thank you to all of you for the kind words of encouragement, faith, and prayer regarding my test results. I have to be patient and trust God.....He never fails.

    This website is so encouraging and I am so happy that we praise God's wonderful name...We serve a mighty good god...I was listening to Helen Baylor last night sing "Amazing Grace with Billy Preston and The Lord is My Shepherd. I was also reading Joyce Meyer's "How to Hear from God". These are a few of my favorite spiritual things that keep me praising the name of Jesus...

    I will continue to pray and seek the word of God...Have a blessed day.

    nursingone (Marty)
  13. by   suzanne4
    Quote from 2005grad
    just wanted you guys no i just got hired in icu today. praise the lord everybody!!!!!:roll :roll

    i am so happy for you. please keep me posted......