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  1. It has been 15 days now since i took the test here in CA. I got cut off @ 75. Four of my friends who took the test a week later than me already saw their names on the CA website. I've called the boards already to check if my file is complete and it has been complete months ago. I dunno what to expect now. How come its taking them so long to process the results? Everything in my life is now on hold. I dunno if i shud start studying again and expect that I failed the test.

    The wait is killing me. I hardly sleep at night thinking about it.
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  3. by   bootybaby78
    Does anybody know if the IP gets cancelled or deleted from the CA BON website if you failed the NCLEX?
  4. by   DolphinRN84
    I'm not from CA but I just wanted to wish you best of luck on your results. I don't think the IP gets cancelled or deleted..not sure though..
  5. by   kerbery
    Hello Bootybaby,
    It took two and a half weeks before my results posted on CA website, three weeks before I got my license in the mail. I have seen other people posting with situations similar to you who have passed. Do you have an SS #? Without one you will not see your license # on the website. I think that it all comes down to who is processing your file, maybe your person is on vacation or backed up or something. I asked about the IP during my many calls to CA BRN it means nothing if it is still there. One girl from my class failed and hers was still up after she got notice. I took tylenol PM almost everynight until I found out I passed. Good luck!
  6. by   bootybaby78
    Thank you for the responses. Yah i do have a SS#. I called the CABON today and was told the results were mailed last week. So i guess now i jus have to wait for the postman to deliver it. I used to take TYLENOL PM but its not working with me anymore. My stress level is way up high. I just dont like waiting this long.
  7. by   apl
    hey bootybaby, don't worry your not alone i took my nclex-RN sept 16 still no clue if i made it... anyway how did you call CABON? can you give me the number so i can call them too. Don't worry too much alright next thing you know you'll be shouting for joy! goodluck keep me posted...
  8. by   BabyRN2Be

    I'm not from CA either, but I've heard that the waits in CA can be very long. If you've already called the BON and your file is complete, then that's all you can do. However, a long wait is not necessarily a precursor of bad news. I do hope you received good news soon!
  9. by   bootybaby78
    Thank you so much for your responses and positive remarks. Ill keep you guys posted. I guess all i have to do now is wait. The CA BON # is 1-916-322-3350.
  10. by   apl
    hey!i called CABOn today & they said they havent even mailed my results yet,said theyre very short with staff right now.i took the exam last sept16, does anybody know of someone who has xperienced waiting for weeks for the results and yet failed?passed?what do you think are the odds that i failed/passed?tnx!!