Breaks during NCLEX

  1. Okay -

    I'm taking the NCLEX on Wednesday 2/7 - Holy Cow!! I am scared to death - breathe, breathe, breathe - okay I'm better now :-)

    Anyway -- I am a fast reader/test taker. I know I need to slow down (I'm working on this -- really trying to reword the question and answers to myself -- and not "jumping on answers")

    Here is my question - if I know I won't have an issue of running short on time -- When could/should I take a break??

    Do I do my 75 then take a break?? 100?? 125?? Wait for a certain time to pass 1 hour, 90 minutes??

    Thanks everyone!!

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  3. by   mom2michael
    The computer forces you to take a break at 2 hours. Most say to break after an hour.......

    All breaks count towards you time - once the clock starts doesn't stop until you are done or you run out of time.

    I took 75 questions in 45 mins. (including the tutorial and the optional survey at the end). The questions are WAY shorter that most review books - most were 1 sentence, maybe 2. They didn't dilly dally either - they flat out asked you what they wanted and things like best, most, first were all in bold.
  4. by   Kattabba

    You sound like me -- I do 150 questions in just over an hour -- (Did I mention I need to slow down??)

    Anyway -- glad to know that the "important" words are in bold -- one thing that is intimidating to me is taking the NCLEX on a computer -- I LOVE writing all over my exam -- highlighting important words, jotting down thoughts - flipping from one question to the next - being able to go back --

    So the whole computer thing has me a little freaked (just one more thing to add to my anxiety!!) :crash_com:

    Breathe - Breathe - Breathe - okay I'm better now

  5. by   Jules A
    I took the PN NCLEX and had 85 questions in about 50 minutes. I didn't even think of taking a break I just wanted to be done. Not sure but I don't recall any of my friends saying they needed a break either. Best to you, Jules
  6. by   lluvsd2
    Well, my test shut off at 75 and i was going to take a break aftr 75, but since it shut off I didn't get a chance.

    It didn't take me that long too and of course I freaked out.

    THey do however give you a dry erase board so u can write allover it during the test. So maybe that will make you slow down? ( if you write on them) I did that.. it slowed me down a tad..

    But you can take break anytime if you really need to the only thing is that it counts against your time