Boy What a Test!!!!!!!

  1. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!!!!!!! I took my PN NCLEX today and for some odd reason I woke up this morning very calm. I was expecting to be very nervous but I wasn't when I got to the testing center and they took my picture the man was like wow I usually have to make people who are taking this test smile but it's like you are on a modeling job...(lol) It wasn't that but when I woke up I just told myself everything was going to be OK don't stress just read, eliminate, and breathe....... But boy ole boy when I started getting some of those questions I was like what the *%#$ at first I was doing really well I could Identify alot of the stems and re word the questions and then they just kept getting harder and harder and harder medicines and diseases that I have never even heard of before with not so common names...I mean nothing that ended with a "pril" or "sone" or any other clue that would help me at least figure out a category I was working with....I mean I had Seven Day Adventist questions that were hard...Jewish questions not 1 single math question and boy was I mad about that because Math is my thing...Tons of Teaching & Priority....Man was I like OMG but it cut off at 85 and to this date I do not know anyone who's test has cut off at 85 and failed....I still feel confident because I followed Kaplan to a T ...I looked for the stem reworded and used the process of elimination so hopefully I passed

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  3. by   z885
    this date I do not know anyone who's test has cut off at 85 and failed.
    Way to go. Get ready for the celebration! :wink2:

    How long did you take to complete 85 questions? What was your strategy for questions in which you had no clue?
  4. by   Nursie2k6`
    It took me about 1 hour to 1 - 1 1/2 hours. For all the questions even the ones I thought I knew just by first glance I eliminated the ones that I knew was wrong for sure....... and when it came down to just the 2 on the ones that I still could not figure out I picked out what I thought would keep the pt alive....for instance on one of my drug questions that I had no clue about one of the answers was "to get blood and urine checked frequently because of the effect that this drug could have on my liver" and the other one had something to do with the kidneys I picked the liver answer because even tylenol can mess up the liver and I did not have a clue about what the drug was or what class....but I thought that would keep the patient alive...Hope this helps

  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    *laughs* When I first read that you had Seventh Day Adventist questions and Jewish questions, my first thought was "Am I on the right MB?" :chuckle But now I understand what you mean.

    Since you got a lot of priority questions, that bodes well for test takers.

    I hope that you get good news soon! Best of luck and keep us posted!
  6. by   nursingone

    Congratulations to you on finishing the exam. I will pray for your passing of the exam.

    Has anyone used the learning website or Kaplan question bank for studying. I am using Saunders review and suzanne4plan which is quite helpful but I was wondering if anyone has used the National Council of State Boards of nursing website? Please let me know what you think.


  7. by   Immortal_us
    Hi nursingone

    I was using learning but stop because I see that using saunders is better. because the give you a complete rationale for each option where as the just gives you the rationale for the correct answer.

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