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  1. hello@all!

    I passed the Nclexbeast after the 3rd try, and it was not so hard, as I was thinking..... mayby I was really good prepared.... (mosby, saunders,......)

    so, now my questin is, where I can find my name with the new license on the borad of nursing?
    I life in florida right now, and I'm to stupid to find that....

    I surch for current license and then fill out the name....

    sorry, I know that I'm really BLOND sometimes....:wink2:

    nice evening
    elfchen RN
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  3. by   hlfpnt
    click on "license lookup" on the left & type in your name. if they've posted it (sometimes it takes a few days), you'll see it.

    fl-doh mqa services home page
  4. by   elfchen1
    Thank you so much!!!!

    okay, now I know, that the FL borad of nursinf need extra day's....
    my name is not on the list....
    but, I know, that I passed, from the quick result.... :mortarboard: :mortarboard: :mortarboard: :mortarboard:

    okay, I will try it later!!!!