Best Nclex Rn Review Course

  1. Hello Guys,

    I Failed The Nclex-rn The First Time. And I Am Trying To Find Out What Other Review Course Worked Best For You All. Please Let Me Know, I Really Want To Get This Nclex Monkey Off My Back.

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  3. by   ashley_michelle
    I went to Kaplan.. but I think I'd save your money and just buy their book if anything. It's an easy read and has some good info on how to disect the questions and what to look for in each one. We had to buy the book for my school review.. but I went to Kaplans review a couple weeks after graduation. And everything they told me in the review course was also in the book. I also found it hard to pay attention JUST answering questions for 7 hrs...

    I do think the kaplan question bank is a great investment. The set up for the questions are so much like nclex. They are also pretty challenging. But from what I've gathered.. test 6 & 7 are the 'best' indicators on how well you'll on the nclex.

    This is just my experience. I also failed my first time.. and I"m still waiting for the results on round two. So we'll see. Hope that helps some! So, I say yes on the book.. and boo on the review that costs $500 <-- which now that I think about it.. I opted to get my money refunded (because I failed ) and they don't like to do that... so even that has been a long process.
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   ashley_michelle
    ps: I forgot I also did questions from 'Learning Extension' I had a friend that let me use her username and password because she passed and didn't need it anymore! But I think its pretty affordable also. On that site they have chapter reviews and then specific questions with different topics. ex- priority, delegation, pharmacology, and alternate type questions.. and then 17 random question tests. I would recommend this one as well.
  5. by   crb613
    I like Saunders...I used it from day one while in school. It teaches you the content & how to answer questions. I used Suzanne 4's plan & it worked for me. You can pm her & she will email it to you. I also used Kaplan Trainer CD for extra practice answering questions......I passed w/75! I thought Kaplan was most like the real thing, but Saunders taught me the content, and I think that is what helped me most! Good Luck to you!
  6. by   RNKay31
    I used Saunders and Kaplan, hope that helps.
  7. by   BlessedOne
    Kaplan all the way baby. I just redid the Q- trainers. Kaplan is very indicative of NCLEX right down to the layout of the screen.
  8. by   tracy2006
    You may want to try the review courses offered by ATI. It has helped me and a lot of my friends very much.

    Complete list of courses can be found on their website.

    Hope this helps!