Bad popup 2018 need advise!!

  1. here it goes...This is my second time taking the NCLEX RN. I took the test yesterday at 330pm and after 4 hours and 200 questions later my computer shut off. I was a mess...I kept getting repeat questions about community health nurse education as well as a TON of SATA. I also got a lot of "follow up" questions. I didn't feel good about it before, during, or after taking it. The first time i finished in a little over 100 questions and failed. This time it was double that and i am a complete frantic wreck.
    I tried the "PVT" when i got home and several times after that. I have read so many back and forth forums about the PVT. Some say you have to use all correct info on your cc and others say you can change the exp date. People swear by both tricks. I however did the one with changing the exp date. Every time i got the "declined" message. Is there still some hope that i passed? ALSO yesterday after my test was complete i raised my hand and was escorted to the front to sign out and do my palm scan the lady was left scratching her head bc it would not let her sign me out because my results were already sent out and the computer signed me out of their system itself. Has anyone ever heard of that? Immediately i was like that is a bad sign I must have really bombed the test. I just don't know what to do anymore. I have studied my ass off and used several different resources. Any advise on all of this would be helpful.
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  3. by   111th
    I took NCLEX-RN a little over a year ago and had an error when attempting to sign out with my palm as well. The lady told me due to not being able to sign out, she would have to file a routine incident report and that my account would be locked and it may take a bit longer to get my results. I tried the trick when I got home but I didn't get the good or bad pop-up. I can't remember exactly what the message said, but it was more of an error message. I had taken NCLEX on a Friday and got the weird message all weekend. On Monday I tried and got the good pop up and then checked the state BON website to see my name on it! I'm sure your account is under review as well if you weren't able to sign it correctly. Hope you passed!
  4. by   Hoping4anRN
    Congratulations on passing your boards!! That's awesome! She just told me that sometimes they pick a certain time to submit the tests and that was probably the time that they chose to do it. So basically she had no idea. I am able to get into and out of my account perfectly fine. My Quick Results will be ready tomorrow. I am hoping as well that I passed because I just don't know if I can bare another Nclex. I am emotionally drained from preparing for it and then taking it.
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  5. by   LovelyDoveRN
    omg!!! me too!! my computer shut off at 200 and i keep getting the bad pop us as well! I hope we both pass!!! i am just beside myself! i dont want to be disappointed!
  6. by   Hoping4anRN
    I definitely feel your pain! I can't even function at the moment. I can view my results around 3. I just want to get it over with even though deep down I know the outcome. I have prepared and prepared for this exam and do not know what I am doing wrong! I answer 90% of all practice questions right and I have a WIDE variety that I study from.
  7. by   Hoping4anRN
    I have to say though I am extremely disappointed in this website. I have come here through the years during my nursing school journey, my first NCLEX, and have lived here since my second one and see so many forums with lots of ppl commenting. Here we are 200 views later and only 2 people have reached out. I never had the courage or was so vulnerable to put myself out there and to finally work up the courage to do so and 2 people care enough to respond. I have been inspired and comforted by so many of these threads that I thought me being at my lowest right now I could use some advice and insight from other people seeing as I literally don't have any support system but 2 people who have continuously heard me sound like a recording. But eehh what's some more disappointment at this moment.
  8. by   LovelyDoveRN
    i understand that. i feel like on other forums the community is stronger. i am having the same problem with my post. i thought i would get a ton of comments and it would make me feel better but here i am checking and checking and i have views but hardly any responses. all is well though i suppose.
    i too get my QR tomorrow i will definitely keep u posted and i wish that u will do the same. i am trying to stay up late tonight so i can sleep in tomorrow as late as possible that way i dont have to have this nagging feeling all day until i see the option for QR i will be stalking my bon too hoping and praying that i see a license number next to my name when i put it in the search bar even though as you feel i know my fate already i am just trying to keep my head up and hoping for a miracle.
  9. by   Hoping4anRN
    Same here. Driving myself crazy. I can't eat or anything. Tomorrow needs to just hurry and get here.
  10. by   Hoping4anRN
    If I fail I can move on and figure out my next step. Not knowing kills me bc I don't know what's next and that is a big issue for me. Of I indeed did FAIL which I can almost guarantee then I can grieve and what not and try to pick myself up. I suppose it's that TINY shred of hope that I have that maybe by the grace of a miracle I managed to pass and this Pvt trick indeed did trick me. But nonetheless it's slim.
  11. by   Njd514
    I get my quick results tomorrow too. I'm freaking out! Good luck!
  12. by   Hoping4anRN
    It's a terrible feeling. I wish you the best of luck!! Did you try the Pvt?
  13. by   LovelyDoveRN
    sooo....staying up til 3 am and sleeping most of the morning back fired on me...i woke up at 9 am! i looked at my bon website...still nothing...qr still arent ready. i suppose i will continue to stalk those pages in between doing chores around the house that need to be done. This feeling of impending doom is taking control of my body. i cannot breathe. We have to just hope for the best and have even a little bit of faith that we all passed whomever is in this nclex bubble atm. i have a tiny bit of it left. even though i know what my qr will just know it there is no way around it at this point. i will continue to pray for all of us in this nclex fog.
  14. by   nikiq
    Taking my nclex in a few hours. I'm a ball of nerves at the moment but trying to keep my faith and stay positive. I am praying for all of you. God bless you all! #RN2018