Azbn says my test is under review?!

  1. Ok, so i tested on monday and online it showed up yesterday the "applicant pass nclex-rn exam." Well still today there is no licese number and still says not issued. So i decided to call them. The lady on the phone said that my test was under review. Now im super confused because why would it be under review but online say i passed? Is it because i passed in 77 questions?!?! Has anyone else had something like this? If so please share your experience.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    May be nothing to worry about. Reviews happen all the time
  4. by   Heyjen
    Well i got a letter in the mail today stating that the board has recieved all of my needed items for my application but that it was under review with the triage department but that i did not need to contact them at this time. It went on to say, that I should expect to hear from the board and to ensure that i respond in a timely manner. What is this about, what are they going to contact me about? UGH!!!! It says this review takes 6-8 weeks, but I'm not even sure why I'm being reviewed........HELP!!!! ><