Awaiting nclex results..nervous wreck

  1. Hi! I have been a member for a while, but haven't been on for a few years. I just took my nclex -pn yesterday and I am a mess waiting on the results. Does anyone know if they post results on the weekend? The lady at the testing center said I probably won't know until Monday because today is not a working day. The test stopped at 85 questions. Has anyone ever failed when this happened? Like I said I'm a mess....any help would be great!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I took the liberty of moving your thread to the NCLEX Forum, where it is more suited.

    When you will get your results is specific to the state that you tested for. If the state participates in Quick Results, then your results will be on the Pearson-Vue website under your account if you pay the $7.95 fee for it.

    If not, then it will depend on how quickly that your state posts the license. Some states have the license posted before the nurse even returns home from writing the exam. And if from CA, then you need to wait for a letter to arrive in the mail after about three weeks.

    Without knowing the state, it is hard to tell you when, or even give you an idea. And the number of questions means nothing as to determining whether you have passed or not passed.

    Best of luck to you.
  4. by   scoobydoo32
    good luck to you i am about to graduate from pn school and would like to take the nclex as soon as possible. let me know how you did. good luck again. don't think negarive.
  5. by   gath
    Thanx Suzanne 4 the insight on how long it take for the Californian NCLEX-PN results to be sent, my major question is why does it take this long and is there anything the board is doing to hasten this sluggish process?
  6. by   suzanne4
    They do not charge you for the license until you have passed the exam. And you get sent the bill to pay.

    All other states require that the nurse pay for the license each and every time that they need to retake the exam.

    Only about 50% of the states actually participate in Quick Results, for the others, you need to wait until your licensing board does the processing.

    Even the BRN is not immediate either. They review each and every file before issuing a license. In CA they permit a CA grad to sit for the NCLEX exam before the final transcripts have been submitted, if the student's name is on the list sent by their school to the BRN. That is why you see average wait time of ten days......very few get their results and see their name posted in just three days.

    And foreign nurses are not issued a license without a SSN#, another reason for the delay in seeing the names posted. They have to go over each file for that as well.