Anyone took the NCLEX June 30th in CA?

  1. Hey everyone was wondering if anyone took the NCLEX in CA on June 30th. I am looking for support, I am anxiously awaitng the results. I am 7 months pregnant and can not take all this anxiety. I got 75 questions with about 5 SATA, 1 rank order about foley's, 8 on meds, 5 of which I have never heard of any totally had to guess,and 1 drug dosage calculation. There were a lot of priority, delegation, and infection control. Does any one have any idea when I am gonna see my name on the CA BON website?

    PS I tired the pearson VUE trick and it wouldn't let me re-register which is good news. Any body??? PLEASE help relieve my anxiety
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  3. by   kcmom
    First of all try to breathe slowly and deeply several times and calm yourself. It's good for you and your baby. Take a walk or bath or whatever else you do to soothe your heart and mind. Consider this waiting period just one example of the many stresses you will face as an RN. Practice your stress reduction techniques. [I like funny movies, aromatherapy, fresh air, aqua aerobics and healing touch massage.]
    My daughter took her NCLEX in CA on Friday, June 19th (just 75 questions too) and saw the results online early Tuesday morning, June 23. Her RN license is dated June 22. It was the best 7AM wakeup I've had in many years I'm sure you'll be delighted when you see your name on the CA board site too.
  4. by   katilynn
    I took mine July 1st in California. I got 75 questions. I don't know how many sata's i got but it felt like a lot. I didn't try the Pearson trick. Well, i started to but it said i had to reset my password so I just let it go.
  5. by   student200977
    Took mine on the 30th, and I know exactly how your feeling. People say you can check on the BRN website in as little as 2-3 days, but I still don't see my name. Mine stopped at 75 too, had about 8 or 10 SATA, had the same ranking question for the foley, and no dosage calculations (hopefully that's not bad). But good luck, just take deep breaths, and relax...I tried the pearson vue trick too, and got a pop up as well. We can't do anything but be patient and wait. But making us wait is just cruel I tall ya'....
  6. by   emmanewgrad
    so 2-3 days the earlieast you can see your name on CA BON? If so, do you get your license sent to you right the following week?