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I took the NCLEX-RN & the computer stopped at 78 or 79 Q. I had 15 SATA, no calculations, couple of meds I haven't even heard of. What are your thoughts & your results please. Thanks...... Read More

  1. by   LN4N6RN
    goodluck!! and bless you for sitting through 265 q!!! wow!

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    [font=lucida console]hey everyone,
    [font=lucida console]i took my exam on the 14th of may for the second time. the first time my computer shut down at 83 and i didnt pass nor did i feel conifdent with my study habits, this time it gave me all 265 questions and i feel alot more confident then i did the first time. i took the martin review, which is a excellent excellent review class and i know that with or without passing i did my very best. i tried the pearson vue trick and it wouldnt let me advance on to the credit card page so im claiming in the name of jesus that that meant i passed. ill defintely keep everyone updated. wish me well!!!!!!!!

    [font=lucida console]and congratulations to all those that have passed already, im so ready to start working in the field.
  2. by   LN4N6RN
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    hi.. im new here but im browsing this site for 5 days already... but i just felt like i need to pour out what im feeling... i took my nclex-rn exam last may 8 2009, the computer shut off at 75 questions... basically most of the questions are prioritizations, delegations, select all that aply and calculation... but the things that botherd me so much is its been 5 days since my exam and my name is not on the site.. my mom told me to just reapply bcuz she knw that i failed.. since she is a nurse too... im from california, i already have my ssn since im a immgrant hre.. im loosing hope already... and im already set with just re applying and accpt the fact that i failed... =(
    From past experience, you have to wait until they send official results before you are even allowed to re-apply. So be patient and wait. It took me friend 3 weeks to hear she passed. I swore she was going to have an MI!!! relax, I know its tough. I took mine for 4th time on Friday.
  3. by   MOMMY'SGIRL
    i see there is a difference in the point where the computer stops allowing you to test. so does that mean that the least questions you get is an indication that you did extremely well?? i'm pussled b/c having a difference b/t 78 and 265 questions is a huge gap. can anyone provide some insight.