Anyone take NCLEX-RN this past Sunday, 1/14?

  1. Hello,

    I took the NCLEX this past Sunday and was curious to know if the 48hr rule for posting results on Pearsonvue still applied during weekends/holidays? Yesterday was MLK day, so I'm not sure if that means I have to wait longer? Did anyone else see their results posted sooner on the MASS BON website? Waiting is killing me, and I was just hoping someone may know some more info...also, does 48 hours mean exactly 48 hours since you finished the test, or since the results were sent? I just want the wait to be over...I had 75 questions and feel hopeful but confirmation would be VERY nice.

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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey I'm from MA too! The 48 hours does seem to count holidays as well, so check your results later today. In order for results to be posted on the MA BON site it can take AT LEAST 3 business days to see your name if you passed. It's 48 hours from the time you finished your exam. Keep us posted! I also passed with 75 questions back in July.
  4. by   sgt072007
    I passed! Just found out this afternoon via quickresults...Thanks for the info re: MA BON, I was getting nervous, I thought they would be the first to have the results. Great to know, thank you!
  5. by   nrlrn77
    Congrats!!! Good luck in the future.
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  6. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations new RN!
  7. by   sgt072007
    Thank you!!! It doesn't even feel real yet! To be honest, I had been reading so many of these posts, and talking to others who had just taken the test, that I knew to expect to feel like I failed, and that if it shut off after 75 and I saw priority questions it meant I was probably doing well. So I went on that after the test...otherwise, I definately would've thought I failed. It was HARD, much harder than any of the practice questions I had done, but I guess that was a good sign in that I was doing well so the questions were difficult. All I have to say is thank goodness it is over! Best of luck to you, I'm sure you did fantastic!
  8. by   Achoo!
    Great news!!
  9. by   Sunshine97
    Congradulation. Am stil having babies about writing the exam