Any tricks to remember FOOD for nutrients, electrolytes, and vitamins?

  1. Does anyone having any tricks to remember all the foods for the electrolytes and vitamins? The Saunders book lists so many food choices for each one (ex. Na, Cl, vit. A, B, cellulose). It goes on and on. And, I do remember getting asked questions like that on the boards. Any advice/ tricks????
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  3. by   soulsearcher
    I found that knowing what types of diseases get certain typr of food is very helpful to answer nclex style questions: for example Hypertention diet is no salt and the hepatitis diet is no fat. Hope this helps a little
  4. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    Kemerick- if you PM me with your email address (don't post it here for security sake), I will be glad to send to you two 'cheat' sheets that I created and used for a study group that I headed- one for herbs, one for vitamins. But I'll warn you, some of my memory tips are really corny and they definitely won't work for everyone!
    I'll give you an example:
    Saw Palmetto: used for treatment of BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) Tip: Think of Lorena Bobbit "sawing it off" and hopefully you'll remember that this herb is tied to the male reproductive system!
  5. by   MilitaryMedtoRN
    LOL, RebeccaJean I will never again forget what that hearb is for !
  6. by   MilitaryMedtoRN
    Herb, I mean. I cant even spell today!