Any one pass nclex pn without studying it too hard?

  1. I reschedule my exam so manytimes because i feel like i never STUDY enough and I always feel like im not READY to retake my nclex pn.....

    does anyone ever feel the same way?
    anyone Pass is without studying too hard or not really prepared for the test???

    i really wanna get over it..the more i wait to more i stressed. and i feel like im not ready to retake it since i fail the first time. and i know for a fact that i will never feel im ready because i reschedule my test so many times...


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  3. by   irish6363
    Your post sounds exactly like what I felt. I must have rescheduled my test at least 3 times, I finally went ahead and had to schedule it the very last week I had available to me on my ATT. I really know exactly what you feel. Well I did take it on Dec 16th it has been three weeks and I am not very sure either way. It feels like you really don't know whether you pass or not..I feel that no matter how much I studied or didn't the questions were I found not that difficult. They were vague and confusing.

    I let the whole 6 months run almost out on my ATT due to the same reason you feel...That you aren't ready. In the end to be honest I just stopped studying about the month before and just took it...I felt that I wasn't going to allow this exam to set a limit on being able to continue with the other aspects of my life. I don't know yet what happened but I will be posting the result pass or fail.
  4. by   SadNBlue
    yeah i guess a lot of people felt thesame way...good luck and you can pass!!! u can do it....please keep us posted of the result...good luck
  5. by   shush001
    hi well im on the same boat as you are... i failed the first time and i dont know how to start reviewing scared that i might fail my 2nd attempt..
  6. by   SadNBlue
    sorry to hear that shush001...its really hard and i never feel confident that i study enough to retake the test...but the longer i wait the harder it gets. and i get more stressed...sigh...
  7. by   DIVA_NURSE405
    U have to study! there is no wrong way not to study (unless u dont study @ all) u never know what type of questions u will get so u have to study everything get a comprehensive study book like Saunders and complete everything thats in it. U never know what type of questions u will get i passed on my 1st try with the min questions of 85 and I would say that 75% were pharm questions, I didnt get any OB questions(i was worried about OB). Just really focus on your weakness and drill it till it cant be drilled anymore! There is no way you can learn all the drugs but know the main drugs for disease process e.g. CHF know the drugs u will expect to see LASIX and its side effects, the diet, adverse reactions, and what labs you expect to see with this! Trust me the longer u stay away the more u will lose. Good luck:redpinkhe

    ps- for everybody who failed I would look into a refresher course like the ATI i heard great things about this course go to and check them out!
  8. by   SadNBlue
    you are right but I just cant help but feel this way ( and i know most people do ) sometimes even if you study soo hard, and even if you feel like you are prepared you still failed...and i know a lot of people that did. there is just sooo many things that you need to know that i just feel like you never feel like you are prepared or feel ready ....
  9. by   mich321
    I understand how you are feeling. I have been studying for the NCLEX-RN, and I feel like there is no way I will ever possibly know all the information in the review book. The more I worry about not knowing everything, the less studying I actually get done! Therefore I have decided to keep doing good quality studying, and try not to get overwhelmed by the volume of information.
  10. by   caliotter3
    I took it while in school for RN and managed to pass it because I was studying the material in school. Probably wouldn't have done so well if I had waited until some time had passed after I stopped going to school. Stop rescheduling and just go and take it. You might be pleasantly surprised. And if you aren't lucky, at least you will have the experience under your belt and it won't be so threatening the next time. Good luck.
  11. by   SadNBlue
    yeah you are right.....i waited tooo long and now its soo much harder to study....
  12. by   SadNBlue taking my nclex next week and i still feel like im not ready n well prepared...i already reschedule my nclex soo many times....i can only study 40-50 question a day...seems like not enough......arg...

    what do u guys think? should i reischedule again? or just take it and give a try?

    how do you now if you are well prepared for the nclex??? any advice please

    im soooo stressed...
  13. by   irish6363
    Sadnblue i passed...i was the one that responded to your thread and did the very same thing you are doing (changed the test 4 times i think). Do not keep rescheduling just do could be pleasantly surprised. What i did was not have any expectations until the test was in progress then i surmised my own idea of how hard or easy it was. Please realize that we can never really feel fully ready for it. I know exactly what you are going thru and if you have prepared it is time.
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  14. by   luvnursing23
    I didnt study any nclex book or anything really, just reviewed some notes from school. But the thing with me is, I took my boards as soon as I was allowed. It was probably a week after I was done with school, so everything was still really fresh in my mind. You will do fine, just dont think about too much or you will over think every question. Good Luck!!!