1. Hi everyone i am truly anxious about doing my exam i scheduled it for the 28 of this month however, i feel like going to do it now! its crazy i really do not know whats up with me although i have my responsibilities such as bills etc piling up also i just had a baby!

    I have do the kaplan qbank I am not great i have done over 3000 questions using lippinicott and i have done some questions from the PDA not everything i am on qtratiner 4 just did that and i got a 54% my grades are not super but i have this nagging to just go give it a try. Also it could be that i am impatient too but who wants to go before time to do a schedule exam? please let me hear your views! Thank you
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  3. by   yoganurs
    One trending theme that I noticed on the NCLEX is safety precautions. What I did was made a list of all communicable diseases from scarlet fever to hep A to chicken pox. I didn't pay attention to all the details. I simply wrote: airborne precautions, contact, droplet etc. There might be several questions that might address this. Know how to move a patient safely. Know calculations. But practice as many questions as you can. That is the best way to prepare. I took both Kaplan and Hurst and hands down, Kaplan is better. It's everything that Hurst is plus more! Hurst will tell you that they will teach you everything you need to know (core information), but guess what, so does Kaplan and they have way more info and more practice tests. I hope this helps and don't give up! When you do the review questions, make sure you review every question after your get the results, including the ones you got right!
  4. by   lady shev
    Thank you so much appreciated.
  5. by   michlynn
    I pretty much took every ATI Final I could from their website, if you score above a 60% I guess that means that you should do pretty well on the NCLEX. I also did 50-100 questions a day from Lippincott and Williams and NCLEX Made Easy. I thought I was going to fail miserably and I passed on my first try. Good luck!
  6. by   shergillnav
    hi my exam on 12/12/12 scared....what will happen really dont know.... hope for good. i did kaplan,pDA book,lipponcott . still not feel prepared. lets see?
  7. by   iluvnursing07
    Shergillnav- calm down relax your nerves dont let it get to you. I was like that but i started to listen to joel osteen and he said if you cant say anything positive then just zip your mouth. God dosent it like when we talk negative because if we think were going to fail then we will. Say to yourself i will conquer this. Feed your mind positive vibes!! It will be our time to shine.. Good luck and let us know how it went.
  8. by   kayjo23
    I just took my NCLEX RN today. 80questions.. I feel pretty good about it. I graduated in August 2012. So I waited 4months to take the exam! I did about a third of the ATI online review. And did about 300-400 questions on the ATI mobile app total in 4months. Haha I was very nervous... still am as I wait for results. I did the Pearson vue trick and got the "good pop up" so hope that is a good sign!
  9. by   shergillnav
    ilvnursing07...wao what a encouraging words....thanks alot.... yaa i can do it....................