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Hi guys, I do not know, but just receive report on my classmates, and every one of them who took the test so far pass, I am the only one that failed. They keep and telling me, "why you don't go do... Read More

  1. by   Justhere
    One of my friends who is really smart was the first in our class not to pass. Some of it was test anxiety I believe on her part. She told me when she got her review sheet from the BON it told her what to be looking at, she said that most of it said she was near passing and only one thing she truely passed.
    I was always one of the first 5 to finish a test during school (we had 23 students), so I had to make myself slow down and read each question during NCLEX, then I would ask myself what were they asking for me to do, then I would look at the answers if none of the answers were what I thought they were looking for I would look back at the question and answers to figure out what they were trying to get out of me. Took kaplain and they say to look at the answers to see if it is an assessment or implementation answer, if there wasn't alot of assessment in the question go with the assessment answer then ask yourself if it makes sense. If it does then go with it, if it doesn't look at the implementation answers and see which one of them makes sense to go with the question.