AHA 2005 CPR Guidelines, is it reflected in NCLEX-RN?

  1. Is NCLEX up to date with changes in the American Heart Asso's guidelines for changes in CPR? Or do their test questions in the computer just sit there in the database?

    They issued changes in winter of 2005. I just want to know if those changes have been reflected in their test questions...so a test taker would know which answer to pick...

    e.g. summary as follows..

    The 5 major changes in the 2005 guidelines
    are these:
    • Emphasis on, and recommendations
    to improve, delivery of effective chest
    • A single compression-to-ventilation
    ratio for all single rescuers for all victims
    (except newborns)
    • Recommendation that each rescue
    breath be given over 1 second and should
    produce visible chest rise
    • A new recommendation that single shocks,
    followed by immediate CPR, be used to
    attempt defibrillation for VF cardiac arrest.
    Rhythm checks should be performed every
    2 minutes.
    • Endorsement of the 2003 ILCOR
    recommendation for use of AEDs in
    children 1 to 8 years old (and older); use a
    child dose-reduction system if available.

    downloadable details at http://www.americanheart.org/present...tifier=3035674

    Authoritative answers only please...not opinions. thnks.
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  3. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    an nclex prep course told us that the nclex wasn't going to test on these cpr changes until january 2007 and in the meantime, would stay away from specifics relating to cpr. however, we were also told (out of other side of mouth?) that "nclex requires that you know the latest information as soon as its in nursing textbooks" and i couldn't help but wonder...what if its not in ours but in someone else's newer edition?? i know this didn't exactly answer your question but making an attempt at a better answer: i would not be too worried about seeing specific cpr questions on the nclex. however...

    maybe this will help: anybody remember seeing any specific cpr question on an nclex exam within past 6 months? (word of caution: remember to please not state an actual nclex question or answer choice on this website or any other, just a yes or no will do!)
  4. by   suzanne4
    If you are seeing specific questions on CPR on the exam, then you are having problems with the exam. You are not going to see questions like that on the exam, you should be expecting to see more of the priority type questions.

    Same as that you will not see speifics as to lab results, just questions concerning what to do if a patient has a certain number.