83 or 84 questions on the NCLEX RN...anyone have the same?

  1. its been over 24 hours sincei took my nclex exam. i had 83 or 84 questions i cant remember. all i know is that when i hit 75 and it didnt shut off i panicked and concentrated and told myself i need to do better. then when i reached 80 questions i said to get ready for 150 questions...but it shut off between 83 - 84. i had only 5 SATA's, one drug calcucation the one where its mcg/mg and i had to calculate how many to give in an hour and round it to the whole number answer. i had one question to put the right sequence, 2 EKG strips illustration and at around 60 questions a flood of priority questions...like 10 in a row or something. im worried because i only had 5 SATA's i was expecting like 8 - 10 like the others. all first i was saying the exam was a little easy and i thanked the LORD for letting me answer it right then the questions got so tricky and it was harder to distinguish the right answer. oh and also i think i had like 6 - 8 med questions. i am a little calm and relax now because it is done...and the pearsonvue trick did not let me register.....WISHFUL THINKING AND HANGING ON FOR 24 MORE HOURS! :heartbeat
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  3. by   Kiky87
    From what i understand, SATA aren't necessarily higher level questions... they are just alternative format. So don't get bummed if you think you didnt get enough. Hang in there, less than a day to go for us!
  4. by   nmaracle3834
    I shut off at 83, but I was fairly confident on #82 and 150% sure on #83. I left out of there confident, but when I started to talk to people about my last answer and 3 people chose different answers than I did, I was beginning to doubt myself. Check the BON and I passed. Good luck.