75 questions cut off

  1. Good afternoon! My daughter just took her NCLEX this morning, she is freaking out... She has ALWAYS had major anxiety when it comes to test...
    It cut off at 75 questions, she said it was hard in parts and the questions got so easy at the end, she thinks that is because she did bad (she always thinks that) It took her about 2 hours.

    Can anyone tell me if 75 cut off is good or bad or you never know? Any reassurance would be greatly appreicated.

    She is will be a great nurse, already has a job in top childrens' hospital GN program in PICU.

    Her stress is totally STRESSING ME.
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  3. by   neuro23
    She probably has the results already. I got mine the next day (Pearsonvue, in Vancouver). Anyway, I have almost 2 years of critical care experience (and 2 other science degrees other than my BScN) and I was cut off at 75. I was stressed, but the test took me almost an hour and I found the questions to be quite challenging. When I got cut off at 75, I though ... oh sh*t! But I passed and now have a US licence. My advice -- don't stress. Stressing won't change the outcome anyway. If she did fail (unlikely if she was prepared), she'll get to re-write ... not the end of the world.
  4. by   ladymayfair118
    i know she will pass..i took my Nclex already and passed at 75 question..just keep on praying...i know she can do it...
  5. by   ICRN2008
    I just took my NCLEX this morning as well. My test shut off after 75 questions, and I also felt like they were getting easier towards the end. However, I will try to have confidence, because a vast majority of testers who receive 75 questions pass.

    Wish her luck for me!
  6. by   ladymayfair118
    i know u can do it..i took nclex and it shut of at 75..i answered the questions for almost 3 hrs..and i was mental block..but i keep on praying that ill pass..God is really good.he gave me a wonderful gift..i pass my nclex,anf already california RN..so belive in urself and pray hard..okay..surely u'll pass..goodluck
  7. by   WannaBeAnRN2
    I have the exact same thing going as BSN DEC06. My computer shut down after 75 questions. From about #14 on, I felt the test got really hard, and then seemed to ease up at the end. Any predictions?
  8. by   EricJRN
    Most people pass, period. The pass rate is ~85% for first-time, US-educated testers. The number of questions doesn't predict the result, as much as we might like it to. Let us know what she finds out!