5x Failed NCLEX ! But not discouraged

  1. Hello!!

    Yes I failed my NCLEX for the 5th time! But im actually not discouraged. Im 3 yrs post grad.
    I thought i passed this time. I made it a point to not just study but change myself. My mental my spiritual my mindset of defeat and hopelessness. As i sat through this last exam when I felt i was unsure or tired i had a mantra i declared myself a board certified RN BSN, but I was also accepting of this journey God has me on no matter the outcome this time. So I made it to 265 questions. took myself to lunch for a job well done.

    But I did fail and thats ok. I have never made it that far in all my tries. To me that says im doing something right. I was near passing in most categories. I have one more time to take this exam in my state without having to do an entire 2yr course before reapplication. So I am registered waiting for my next ATT.

    I am open to anyone who has suggestions that can help this next time be the right time.

    This recent time i used
    Remar Review and Uworld

    I also have access to:
    Kaplan online review
    Hurst Book
    Saunders Book

    I have used
    NSCBN (expired)

    Ive been told i have a lot of material so i dont want to overwhelm myself using too many things. I think i answer questions well when i completely understand the content but its hard for me to retain large quantities of information over long periods of time.

    Any tips and suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   Neo Soldier
    You're 3 years postgrad which tells me it's been a while since you've been in a classroom. You may have forgotten a lot of the material.
    Something you're doing is definitely not working.

    I think you should take a refresher course, or you can start from scratch on your own time and literally review everything you were taught in nursing school and test yourself after every topic. You also need to do thousands of questions or at least more questions than a new grad trying to take the nclex would. Speaking of new grads, do you know any? Like fresh out of school, they have quite a lot of book smarts since they're pretty much fresh off the grill..haha.

    Also, do you know anyone in nursing school, they may help jog your memory. Ask to study with them. Can you ask to audit a class? This may help. Being in a classroom changes things.

    I'm really rooting for you. I'm a new grad myself, June 2018..haha. I'm about to hit the books but I have to recuperate first.
  4. by   OrganizedChaos
    If you've been out of school for years & failed the NCLEX 5 times, maybe nursing just isn't for you.