3rd failed nclex, please help.

  1. I'm looking for advice on what to do for the NCLEX exam. I have taken it three times and have failed. I did the Kaplan review and I didn't find that it really helped me. I did the learning extension review and that was a help but it was pretty boring looking over slides. This last time I did uworld and really like that and understood the rationales. I did the assessment test prior to taking the questions and got a yellow light I then answered the questions and took the final assessment and got the green light. I signed up for boards right away and failed with 265 questions. Any advice on what I should do for the future? I'm going to do U world again for a month and anything else I can do. Thanks for your time and help.
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  3. by   angeloublue22
    There is a really great nurse teacher on youtube under simplenursing. He does easy to understand rationale and gives you easy ways to remember them. I seriously owe my passing nursing school and NCLEX with flying colors to him. Every little thing help. Good luck!
  4. by   eloune
    Do not discourage dear, trust me you can do it I had failed 3 Times also, guess what I just passed on December 26th 2017 after my fourth attempt. That's mean you can do it too I did uworld the 3rd and 4th Times I did each section separately I listened to summet college review on YouTube and did each with uworld step by step with the review , then after I finished all the uworld I mixed them all together and did 75 questions a day. After all that I did the wrong questions. Before I went for the test I did the two assessments I got very high chance and high chance to pass. I also listen to other nclex tapes that I had. Don't get me wrong even I did all that I prayed a lot too. Finally at the fourth attempt here I'm an RN. You can do it too.
  5. by   Jma0622
    Thank you for the advice. I did listen to simple nursing in school so ill try to watch some videos now. Appreciate getting back to me.
  6. by   Jma0622
    Thank you i did listen to done of the videos of simple nursing so ill start that up again!
  7. by   Jma0622
    Good idea on doing each section first. I did 75 questions of all sections. Can you clarify how you did summet review with the uworld? How long did you do the uworld for a month? What other nclex tapes dis you have, where can i get these? I pray alot also. I know God has a plan its just hard for me to see it right now. Thanks so much for the advice!
  8. by   eloune
    Actually in my attempt I bought uworld for one year, in case I didn't pass I didn't want to buy it again. It took me 3-4 months for finishing it for if listen to summit college on fundamentals I make I watch the videos and take notes while listening, then I go on uworld do questions on fundamentals I did that for each of the subjects. I listen to Mark Klimek and Sonia tapes.
  9. by   eloune
    You welcome it's a pleasure hopefully that help. Trust me God has a plan for you. Keep on believing and do the best you can.
  10. by   leahdjk12
    Do UWORLD again! Do not rush through with it, take your time to read ALL the rationales and understand them! When i did UWORLD, i did one 75 question exam and then after that i spent at least the next day reading and understanding the rationales, that is what helped me to pass the NCLEX. i know everyone is different when it comes to studying, but for me i needed the extra time and i put in the effort and commitment. I advise you to complete all 2000+ questions plus the two practice assessments. check your performance scores, hit the baseline of 60! When i started UWORLD i was hitting the 30's but towards the end of the 2000+ questions i was already in the 70s and 80s. If you study with UWORLD and take your time with it, you will see that your scores will increase and come the next time you take the nclex you will find the questions similar/easier than UWORLD.
  11. by   Jma0622
    Thank you for the encouragement and advice. I appericate it truly!
  12. by   FuturePsychNP21
    If you haven't been able to pass after 3 times I would re-evaluate if nursing is for you
  13. by   Jma0622
    Quote from FuturePsychNP21
    If you haven't been able to pass after 3 times I would re-evaluate if nursing is for you
    First off I don't know why you came on this site to tell me that because I have evaluated my life and nursing is for me. I currently work at a hospital as a tech and I absolutely love it I know that I will be able to become a nurse but unfortunately for some people testing and the ability to answer questions on the spot like that comes hard. It's not that I don't have a passion for this or Compassion or haven't given enough work to this career / major. In fact I have hired a private tutor to help me with this to figure out what I am doing wrong on these tests. And for somebody like you who supposably is a future psych NP you need to have a little bit more compassion for people and understand that not every single person is going to do well the first or third time that doesn't mean that I'm going to be a horrible nurse or that I should reevaluate my choice in choosing nursing. If you ever got the chance to meet me you would understand who I am what I do and how hard I work for this. So before you comment saying I should reevaluate it maybe you should ask me questions as to who I am and what I want to do with my life and not that I just want to reevaluate. In life there are too many people like you who bring other people down and it's absolutely ridiculous we're all put on this Earth for something and if you know what you're put on this Earth to do then you should never quit. But thank you for your generous time and effort that it took you to write that comment on my question, because now I have more drive then ever to take people like you and show them what people like me can actually do in this world and prove you wrong. I hope if I ever need a psych NP I never get somebody like you with so little compassion for the other people because I would never want to treat somebody with such little respect especially some that you don't even know.
  14. by   Tanguy95
    I'm so with you on that sis. I failed 3 times but that would NEVERRRRR stop me because I know who I am. I agree with everything you say sis and I am sorry for her patients. She need a psych NP. We can do it