2x failed at 75. This time.. 75 again.. Oh lord!! - page 2

Hi guys.. I just wanna share that i just took my nclex and im going crazy right now!! I stopped at 75.. And the last question was sata.. At first i was kinda confident coz i knew almost all the... Read More

  1. by   Ter.Rn.Er
    positive thinking no matter what, megmegdvh.
  2. by   Calilove
    This is so torture for me guys... My exam was put on hold for three days and then when it changed to the good pop up, my hopes boosted so high.. But come on,, it's the 5th day and my name is still not on the brn site.. I just want to see if i passed or not.. Whatever it is im willing to accept it.. This is torture.. If i failed, i'll move on and let me register...this is really hard for me..