2nd attempt NCLEX-RN and breeze application disappeared

  1. Hey everyone. This is my 2nd time taking the NCLEX and I took it on a Friday. My application somehow disappeared the following day and I started to freak out. I know that the BRN is closed on Sunday so I waited till Monday to see if my name was on the breeze website and it wasn't. I called my cousin who also had to retake the NCLEX the 2nd time and she said her application disappeared too the following day on the breeze website. She took hers on a Wednesday and her application disappeared on a Thursday. She got no news on Friday. But then Saturday morning at 8:30am her name showed up and she had her license! So I'm freaking out because I took my exam on a Friday. My application disappeared the following day. Sunday, the BRN is closed. Monday - no status. And everyone is saying I need to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to see if I passed. Everyone... please, I request your prayers. My anxiety is off the roof!!

    I realized that for 2nd time NCLEX takers... It's different when your application disappears. When u first take your exam the first time, if it disappears it means u failed. But when U retake the exam, it looks like according to my cousin's experience, her license showed up 3 days later even when her application was gone! Any similar stories?
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  4. by   j_han05
    Same thing is happening to me..My application isnt up there anymore and I checked a day after I took it. I am also a repeat test taker. How did it turn out for you? Did you end up passing?
  5. by   IamPhilipinoRN
    Hi how did it turn out for you?
  6. by   Nursecay43
    I passed
  7. by   Dom27
    Hello Nursecay43 , I'm going through the same thing however did the option still show to retake/reapply or just change of address?
    This is my 2nd attempt taking it and it has disappeared?