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265! I'm going to lose my mind any minute! anyone get that same amount? :uhoh21:... Read More

  1. by   StL_Momma27
    How exactly does the NCLEX work? Is it a pass or fail kind of test or what?
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from FutureRN2013
    How exactly does the NCLEX work? Is it a pass or fail kind of test or what?
    If you check out the NCSBN website you will find much on the NCLEX exam and how it works and what you need to do to pass it ie what marks are required
  3. by   SWillig
    [FONT="Arial Narrow"]Hi! I took my NCLEX June 30th and got 265 questions and failed. I just hadn't prepared enough. I took it again today and got 75 questions. I really hope that is a positive sign! I studied my butt off the past month and a half using my friends Hurst Review study book (Which was awesome) and did a bunch of practice tests in the NCLEX exam cram book. I did two computerized practice tests (125 questions each) and both stated "successful attempt." I'm feeling confident but still nervous! Hoping for the best! I'm so ready to move forward from here...
  4. by   2010rnthankgod
    I took the rn nclex today and went all the way two 265 the pvt let me pay again I hope I passed and the trick is no good please someone help me please I don't know what to do
  5. by   Hiro_RN
    Quote from Byaggha
    People at either end of the spectrum here - 75 passers and 265 passers - all share one commonality (aside from having passed): I don't think I've ever met one of either group who didn't come out of the exam feeling like they'd been hit by a truck full of Kaplan's question bank. Most of us feel run ragged by the experience, and we don't think, we KNOW we failed it. But the fact of the matter is, the way it works isn't always the way we think - passing is just as possible at a full set of questions as it is at a minimum set. So don't give up hope!

    I sat through a full battery on July 2nd, and came out sure I was going to have to hit the books again. Even when the PVT came back as a pass, I was sure I was one of the few it wasn't going to work for. So imagine my happiness when, two days later (on my birthday!) I got the quick results that confirmed it - 265 questions, 2.5 hours, 1 RN.

    It can be done! Don't give up hope!
    Congratulations! and Happy Belated Birthday!
    I hope to have the same happy ending as you did. I took my NCLEX-RN exam this morning and also did the full 265 questions within 2.5 hours. That was dreadful. I came out feeling that I've gotten 99% of the questions wrong. However, I checked PVT this afternoon and got the good pop up. What a huge relief.. but I hope the trick holds truth for me. Waiting on quick results until then..
  6. by   mrs_whitney
    HI GUYS! i took the test yesterday from 2:00 all the way down till over 7:00!!! got all 265 and i freaked out myself.. i have been depressed after that and could barely sleep! guess what else? i took it on a friday afternoon! that means i will have to wait till wed! this will be the longest 96 hours of my lifeeee everrr! hell! its killing me! i cry every now and then! i am 90-95% positive i failed and that's definite for me! more SATA, prioritizations, infection control, meds, so on so forth that i have never met in my entire review! i felt stupid i didnt expect it. i was confident to stop @ 75 and passed but after going through all those nerve-breaking questions, i felt like i didnt deserve to be one. Now, because i needed to verbalize my feelings (psyche lol) or express it, i thought i'd go online and find out the non-stop bothersome thoughts that i can never shake off "% of passing after answring all 265" found this site and honestly, it made me feel better and a got a little confidence.. i am still praying i pass it.. i know nothing is impossible if we believe in God and keep praying..pls anyone who can read this , say a little prayer for me even though you may not know me at all.. thank you for your support guys!!!
  7. by   paper1225
    If you are willing to pay the money to get your grade via the internet, start checking today! I took mine on Friday and logged on before church on Sunday am and it was there!!! Good luck!
  8. by   Coliee08
    I took NCLEX the first time got all 265 questions and failed. I just took it the second time got all 265 questions AGAIN and PASSED!!! SO DONT GIVE UP!!! even on those last few questions when your tired and you know youve gotten to almost 265 take a break and finish strong cause it doesnt matter the number of questions just whether you pass or fail! Keep your head in it all the way through and you will pass. The first time i took it i started giving up once i knew i was probably taking all 265 questions the second time i didnt pay attention to the number i was at and just took every question for what it was. I really think that it helped me the second time pass. YOU CAN DO IT!!! DONT GIVE UP!!!
  9. by   CrazyMommy
    i too had the whole 265 questions today.i feel horrible.did the pearsonvue trick but this popped up: The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time. we'll see in 2 days *crying*.
  10. by   myAngel71
    ive got 265 questions too with NCLEX-RN CA , i never did the pvt trick coz it gives me nightmare. i dont know coz until now i didnt get the results yet from CA..
  11. by   CrazyMommy
    i now got the good pop up, is this for real? i can't believe it, if its true i passed with 265. WOOHOO! is it 100% certain?
  12. by   myAngel71
    Quote from CrazyMommy
    i now got the good pop up, is this for real? i can't believe it, if its true i passed with 265. WOOHOO! is it 100% certain?
    i do agree its for real. i did that the first time i took nclex-rn. what state did you took the exam?
  13. by   Love2Care4
    I took my NCLEX yesterday @10:15am...I had all 265 questions and completed it in 4 hours....ugh the agony and stress of waiting on my results .... I did the Pearson Vue trick I see everyone talking about and it brought me to the CC page...so I'm assuming I Failed! However, I keep checking the Florida BON site and it says Wait...and on the Pearson Vue site it says the scores aren't available yet. Do you think perhaps someone is grading it for a 2nd time to verify since 265 questions means you where close...?? And to top it off I filled out one application and have a scheduled interview for Tuesday as a New Grad....I hope I pass! Do you think if I don't if they will let me take the position as a New Grad and wait till I retake it if I do in deed Fail??? Please help...any comments or opinions would be helpful! Thanks!