265 questions and failed

  1. Hey all so I took NCLEX this morning and got all the way to 265 questions.. I did the PVT and I didn't pass. I know that I messed up on the last question and I kick myself in the butt because it was a stupid mistake. oh well life goes on. I used Kaplan course book and online resources to study. Are there any books out there that are more helpful than Kaplan???
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  3. by   Godismystrength
    Ellis! I am so sorry to hear you failed. May be you were just really nervous, I'm sure you studied hard, but knowing what the test itself can do to all of us, the anxiety probably just got the best of you. When you were using kaplan resources...like q bank what was your percentage? did you write down all the rationales and review? just trying to see how you studied, everyone has a different approach. Don't give up. Take a few days to relax, and re energize yourself. Then commit yourself to study every single day. This time i would keep like a schedule if you haven't already done so. for example stick to practising 100-150? a day, not all at once but 50 in the morning, 50 in the afternoon, 50 in the evening. After each test review the rationales and write it down in a notebook. take a good break, and do another set of questions. I have read a lot about the resource Lacharity...i'm not familiar with it, but i'm sure if you do a search for it you will be able to find it. Don't loose hope, you went into nursing for a reason, if you were able to pass nursing school, this is just one more thing that you will able to conquer!! so stay strong!
  4. by   mylittledream
    i m in the same boat n this time cannot make myself to make sechdule i need some motivation ....
  5. by   Ellisjc0507
    Godismystrength: Thanks for writing it means a lot. I was nervous and anxious but I was praying so hard. I guess it hasn't helped knowing that over half of my class passed with 75 questions so when I got past 75 questions my heart was pacing faster. When I got to 210 I was asked to take a second break but I wanted to finish so I didn't. There were a lot of teaching, prioritizing and select all that apply questions. I only had a few calculation questions. I studied 5 days a week. I started off just doing 100-150 questions a day then I went over rationales. I wrote down some things but not everything. My Qbank percentage was 62%. I also used the Kaplan course book over the last few weeks and reviewed the content areas where I was weak in. I am actually looking into purchasing the Saunders Comprehensive Overview and Lacharity books. Starting next week, I plan to study the books a little bit each day and then do 150 questions 6 days a week over the next 45-50 days. WHat do you think? Thanks again for your support. I know God has a plan and I am keeping the faith.

    Mylittledream:I know it's hard to have motivation. I have been feeling like a train hit me but it's just the way the cookie crumbled this time. Nothing in life that's worth it comes easily. For some people, their biggest goals take time and more effort. Don't give up. It's not the end of the world although it seems like it. Around Christmas/New year, this experience will be history. Also, in job interviews they won't ask how many times did it take you to pass NCLEX. You will be a better/more resilient nurse after all this is over. Blessings to you.
  6. by   mylittledream
    thanks my friend
  7. by   jayz1989
    I took my nclex today and failed with 75questions. I had 3sata 1 picture and tons of meds and priroty questions. When I went home and do the pvt. I didn't get the pop. because I was sad I assume I really fail the test. I retake the question trainer 1 and I got 68% ..at first attempt with my question trainer 1 I had 48%. 1 month apart now I had 68% right after I took my nclex awhile ago.. I did the trainer 1. Also because I was frustrated not getting the pop. I ended up registering at Pearson vue.
  8. by   Godismystrength
    your plan sounds pretty good to me. I am so happy that you are dedicated, and ready to start studying again. saunders was a really good book for review, so it will help you with the content. If you start noticing that you are getting certain "topics" wrong, go back and review everything in that content. for example for me, my weak content was health maintenance...and under that category "growth and development" and all the labor and delivery content. so I took that content from kaplan and saunders and studied them simultaneously for 3 days...until I was sure I was confident in that section. It's impossible to know everything, but after practicing a lot of questions you start getting the idea what the main points are. remember do at least 3000-4000 questions before your next test date. The more questions you practice and the more rationales you review, the better it sticks.

    I found this video to be very helpful, this guy was really motivated and held on to his faith and after failing the first time.....watch it when you are able to take a break! take care.

  9. by   JENURSE03_RN
    It is best to take a break so your brain can relax after you feel ready to take on again. Start with content and know it. Test taking strategy will fall into place when you are comfortable with content.