2 weeks of anxiety....

  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on this site who has passed their NCLEX, whether PN or RN, today or years ago! For all of those yet to take it...GOOD LUCK!!!

    I'm in the last 2 weeks of my waiting until I take my own NCLEX-PN exam. I cannot begin to explain how nervous I am. I've read so many posts about strategies, books, failures and successes, and it's overwhelming. I think what makes me the most nervous is how they test. My best friend swore she only knew 10 questions from her 90-q test, and she passed. My other friend thought she passed walking out of the testing center, and she failed. I was a B student in school, but I've heard none of that matters. All that matters is if you know how to read the question without reading into it too much. I have studied Saunder's review. I could not do Suzanne's review because I didn't have 6 weeks once I heard of this website. Has anyone used "Prioritization, Delegation Assignment" or "NCLEX-PN Questions/Answers made Incredibly Easy"?? I saw them today at Barnes and Noble while studying and they kind of looked like good books, wasn't sure. Anyway...I'm in the long haul of 2 weeks-worth of hard studying and reviewing. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated, and I could use all the help and prayers I could get...PM or email me if you'd like......THANKS!!!

    College Station, TX
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    Hi Candice,
    I test for the third time in a couple of weeks. I am currently doing Saunders chapter by chapter and passing most with 75% or more. I plan on picking up the pace and leaving enough time to do the CD. On my previous NCLEX exams I did the NCSBN and Kaplan online reviews, and also read the Kaplan book, so it is very frustrating to not really know where I need to focus. About half of the people I graduated with did the Kaplan classroom review, from what I understand all but 1 passed their first time. Keep studying and keep the faith! God bless and best wishes on your exam-I'll pray for you!