1st semester NCLEX prep book

  1. YES I am a planner! So let me question all of you who have reached the finish line! By the way congrats! What should I get for a great NCLEX exam book to use through school. The one we got in our pack of books is by Silvestri. I am not that happy with it I find the content is choppy and I need to make sure I am 100% prepared through all 4 semesters! Thanks!

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  3. by   ernurse114671
    Saunders comprehensive review!!
  4. by   Hbrmom81
    looks like saunders is what I have! I find it hard to get used too though =(
  5. by   MissyNik
    Saunders is by Elsevier and should be the 4th or 5th edition depending on your school. Its wonderful for content and that's what most schools give out, so Im not sure which book you have. There should be a disc as well with loads of practice questions. I used this book through school to learn content along with my actual class book and did the chapter exams to test knowledge base. Good luck to you and congrats on getting into nursing school!!
    You will get used to it trust me LOL
  6. by   Hbrmom81
    yes I have the saunders book we just call it the silvestri book, no idea why! I guess I just need to get used to it. I love the tool prep u that comes with our taylor fundamentals of nursing text. It gives you reference back to the page in the book when you get an answer wrong. I just need to practice more and get used to it! I am happy now to know I have the "standard NCLEX book" Thanks everyone!!