12/06 graduates + repeat test takers

  1. hi all:

    would like to know what else people are using to study?
    what help and what did not help at all
    what was difficult with questions on NCLEX in general--especailly the SATA
    any ideas of how to approach the qeustions.

    also, would like to start a support group for repeat test takers!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Plenty of threads on what works or not works for people, but saying that everyone has their own ways. We also have a thread on the go for Dec, Jan and Feb takers whether first time or more to support and swap tips, may be worth looking at them
  4. by   wizard100
    Most of the suggestion are from repeaters. Have a look, might help!! this thread is somewhere at nclex forum.

    "To all RNs who've taken nclex more than once."

    Also agree with silverdragon.
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