?'s about lower level questions..

  1. I just took the NCLEX-rn for the 2nd time today... and I'm SO happy to have it over with .. .again! I was extremely nervous this time.. ( even more than the first time ) But, I left actually feeling GOOD about it! .. which scares me a little. haha. But for my test.. I had a lot of priority ( what would you do first, what med would you give first.. what phone calll to return first, etc ) a good amt of meds, infection control... and one select all that apply. I had NO math.. which I did have the first time around. I just all around actually feel good... and I'll be surprised if I fail. Surprised AND very sad. But I was wondering where all the posts went about the lower level questions.. how to identify them.. and whatnot. I am curious to see if I had any on my test that I didn't recognize as a lower lever question.

    But thank you all for your prayers! If I did pass... the power of prayer is what made it happen! I had a ton of people praying at 9 am this morning!!
    So, to all those who are feeling completely miserable.. I've been there. But having confidence that you can do it and trusting yourself makes the WORLD of difference. You got through school.... you can totally pass this test.
    But, we'll see... I haven't gotten my results.. But I feel good. So I'll go with that feeling til I hear otherwise!!

    Thank you!
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  3. by   BabyRN2Be
    That's one of the questions that I have, too. What are the lower level questions?

    I've been curious about that for a while. Anyone?
  4. by   RNKay31
    IMHO I think lower level questions are recognition and comprehension questions, like you know the ones you get in nursing school.