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NCLEX in Dec....now what?????


Hi everyone,

I rec'd my ATT and I have scheduled my exam for Dec 5 at 8am. I'm going through so many emotions I can't even think straight. The moment the thought of taking the exam enters my mine I want to throw up all these negative vibes. I didn't think it would be this draining just to prepare. The studying is not draining it is more of the anxiety. I don't even want to imagine the day before and the day of the exam. I have only told my kids that I am testing Dec 5 because I'm not ready for everyone to ask those nerve wreaking questions, "are you ready?, did you pass?, when will you know?, how do you feel?, I feel like it is just enough that I'm asking myself those very questions. Basically this is why I am writing this today so that I can get these feeling of dread out to people who understand what I am going through. Even if I told others my family they don't understand what I'm talking about and what I'm going through. They just think it is just another test and everything will be okay. I just ask that they keep me in their prayers. Thanks for all who read and being that shoulder I needed to lean on.....

For those taking their exam in Dec, how are you preparing, how many questions are you doing per day (if any), basically just share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Just share...Thanks for reading

I'm sending positive thoughts to all the Dec test takers (to everyone), continue to pray, study, and focus we will all do great. We are all nurses no matter what...if we fall off the horse just get back on and try try again.

******see yourself doing better and it will come to you******


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I studied for 2 weeks prior to my NCLEX-PN exam and was full of anxiety. What a waste of energy on my part. I passed with 85 questions. I am not going to panic for my NCLEX-RN when I get to do it.

If you did well on your exit exam you should do fine on the NCLEX.

Get yourself to relax, get some exercise and lots of sleep. Practice a few hundred NCLEX style questions and know your lab values.

hey SA Girl,

I will be taking my NCLEX-RN exam on Dec. 7th for a 3rd time around. The first two times I used Kaplan online and Saunders which obviously was not helpful for me. This time around I'm using Exam Cram Review Book & LaCharity PD&A. They both seem to be exactly what I was looking for the first two times around. Exam Cram is great at giving a quick review/ summing everything up in a few pages per a topic, with only 20 chapters in the entire book just what I needed. Saunders goes too much into details & drags on putting you to sleep as you study. Not Exam Cram, its straight forward & the font size is larger so you don't really dread reading it like Saunders. LaCharity gives you a lot of review questions on priority.. which pt. to see first & delegating tasks to others, kind of questions. I wish you luck & I'll keep all you nurses taking the Dec Nclex in my prayers, b/c we will pass this December & continue this journey as nurses :).

im taking my exam on december too. im really on my highest anxiety level and couldnt even sleep thinking of it. its my first time and im a foriegn student so language barrier is one of my problem..goodluck guys..


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Hi there, December for me too. Just scheduled it today and its going to be on Dec 16th. Gosh, its so hard and yea you are right others can't understand. I have failed it twice before and took it last time in July of 2005. So its is specailly hard and emotional for me. I took Kaplan this time and feel confident that I can pass it. Keep it up and May God be with you wish you a lot of luck and prayers.

Oh I forgot, I am doing about a 100 questions a day and in last week plan to do about 150 each day. Hope thats enough this time. I feel like this is the time. Good luck to all.