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I'm taking my NCLEX also this month and I have been doing Lipponcott cd's and also doing questions in the books. Is there someone who has done NCLEX recently that has more advice for me? :) Thanks!! Good luck to all taking their boards. :confused:

No advise, just best wishes to you on your test!!


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Thanks NascarFan!!


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HI, I just took the NCLEX yesterday and i just wanted to tell u not to over stress and study to much. i dont have my results yet but i think i did ok... 90% of my questions were teaching questions and delegation questions. There were also a couple of prioritization questions. No math and no medication questions. personally i felt that my tests in school were a lot harder, and alot longer (my nclex shut off at 75 questions) i went to a four year school though so i have been taking similiar tests for a while now. I really did not study that much, i just went over my nclex cd roms and i went to a review course but i dont think anyone needs months to study. i took the test 2 days after the review course ended and i am deinately glad that i got it over with. Good luck!


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Thanks for the info:) That helps me feel a little better. Still worried about the delegation part, we didnt have much on that in school. Well Good luck to you and let us know when you find out your results. That parts stressful too huh?? :) Thanks for the help. One more question....Which study book corresponded the best to the NCLEX?? Lippincott, Mosby or Kaplan?? :)


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I am so excited... i just found out that i passed!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! anyways, now what i say about the nclex as some value, as far as the books go i had kaplan, saunders, and lippicott, I used sauders the most, our instructors told us not to use kaplan because it is written by a testing service and not by nursing people.. or something like that. Really do not study to much, your school should have prepared you mostly!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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I just want to wish you GOOD LUCK!! Let us know how you do!:)


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Congrats, LuvbabiesRN!!!!!! I'd like to add that your post yesterday made me feel a little better about the NCLEX (I'm taking it next week). I always worry too much. Anyway, GOOD JOB!!!

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Congrats ! Congrats !

I, too, was pretty disappointed as far as what the questions were compared to what I thought they SHOULD have been... all those lab values I memorized, all the acid/base stuff, the ABG's, meds, etc... NONE of that ! No calculations whatsoever !

But that was 4 months ago and I really don't EVEN want to reminesce ! :D

Angelica, I wish you the BEST, Girl ! You'll DO it ! ;)


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Thanks, jnette:) I am ready to get this OVER with.

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Good Luck!

Don't study the night before..if you don't know it by then, you don't know it....

(But you do)

Hugs, Julie

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