NCLEX CAT Simulator


While browsing the web, I saw a site that says NCLEX-CAT simulator. Does it really feels like taking the actual NCLEX CAT? Any members here who were able to take some test on that site?

Saw it here


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i was just checking out this site after seeing your post and i am very interested to see what others think of it and if anyone has tried it. i saw where you can have a free membership and then there was a prem membership for $10. i hope someone who has used this site will comment so we can find out more. i take my exam on 11-21


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Tried this one. Their CAT is for NCLEX-RN.

It appears to be that the test has each level of difficulty, Easy, Medium and Hard. I answered some questions but I can't get pass the easy level.

This means I need to review more. OMG