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Ok so I took my NCLEX yesterday morning. I felt horrible afterwards. I only had to answer 75 before the computer shut off. So of course I have been checking the website for the NCLEX every 5 minutes lol :) (That site said results were not available). So this morning I checked AZBN's site and under license status was: pending, testing. And then later on at work I checked and under license status was: 07/24/2015- ACTIVE: GOOD STANDING...I know Pearson Vue sends the test results to each board. My question is should I say I passed and that I am finally a RN? So happy but confused....

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Yes, your state's BON is the OFFICIAL "you passed" :) Congrats!


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How did you prepare?!

@nightflower Hi! My school provided us with a live review right after exams thru Hesi. We took the hesi right before spring break so i utilized my scores so i knew which areas i was weak in. I scheduled my exam a month out. I went thru my hesi workbook. I did quizzes thru PrepU from my management class. I had a ton of select all's! Crazy! A lot of management, prioritization and delegation questions! I passed in 75 questions! Best advice is we know this stuff, dont stress just review. We passed nursing school so we got this!! 😉

Oh and i took hesi's advice and didnt stress the week of. I booked a hotel room the night before and didnt study...i relaxed for once!