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Nclex aug 25 - Problem w medications

taking nclex on the 25th, I'm nervous but thinking positive, does anyone know if it comes a lot of medications? that's my weakness area :(. I have Kaplan and Saunders- going to start reading saunders next week.. but kaplan's medications videos have to much info should i not keep studying this videos?. help!

same feeling when i had my NCLEX exam before! just be positive! believe in yourself! your instinct! pray... Goodluck! =D

Thank you, i will :)

To be honest, there are so many medications out there that you won't be familiar with that it is almost pointless to try to learn them all right before the test. I got about 6-8 medication questions (not calculation), and they were specifically asking me about the side effects of the medication or nursing considerations. I did not know half of the meds they were asking about, and I still passed in 75 questions! So still definitely study and get as familiar as you can -- I also used Kaplan med videos and made notecards from them, as well as Kaplan med flash cards (a little bit) and studied them about a month before the test. But don't stress out too hard about it, from what I have heard from other passing students, it won't make up the bulk of your test. You'll do fine! Happy studying!


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