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NCLEX, anxiety and PVT

by rachaelgrace rachaelgrace (New) New

So I promised myself that If I passed I would follow up on this amazing site! I have been following threads on all nurses for the past few years and it has given me so much insight on various topics.

SOOO.. lets get down to the niddygritty! Nobody ever told me about how horrible one feels after sitting and taking the NCLEX. I mean I literally felt like I got hit by a fright train after I left the testing center. I felt so defeated and unsure of my competencies and skills in being a competent and safe nurse. WOW! No fun whats so ever! Then when I finally got home and plopped down on my couch, I felt sick to my stomach, could not eat or drink or talk (I left for NYC commute at 6:30 and sat at 8am, left at 10:45am and was home by 11:20am)

After constantly checking my board of nursing website a million and one times, and making trips to the bathroom since I felt so sick. I finally mustarded up the courage to try the PVT (something I promised that I WOULD NOT do!) and checked at around 3:45pmish with a credit card that I had cancelled. I got the GOOD POP UP! I literally simmered down and read just about every blob post here until midnight when I fell asleep. I was so anxious that I woke up at 4am and checked the BON website and sure enough my license was posted! HOLY CRAP! I am still in complete shock and disbelief, and thanking the man above! So today November 30, 2017 I officially became and RN! The PVT does work! Good Luck Everyone YOU CAN DO THIS!

Study Tips:


Read my Saunders book on content and did questions

Green hesi book (great quick guide)

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Elsviers Pharmacology picture flip book (not the exact name- found on amazon)

Congratulations to you! Please how much do you think PassPoint helped you? Did you finish the questions on Saunders book?

Passpoint has a monthly subscription or a yearly for different prices. I did the 3 month one and it was like $130 I found some promos online. Also they may have some deals now for christmas. Passpoint is pretty nice as it gives you questions per topic and helps you review. They also have exams at the end that are made like the nclex and turns off at 75 if it thinks you have met the nclex bench mark. Try to get 8's every time! I did not finish saunders questions but I did go back to the content areas that I struggled with reviewed content and did 100-200 questions of them online. I forgot to mention Lippincott Q&A's was good too, and made me think a little more than saunders!