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Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has taken the new format of the nclex-pn yet. I have been told by my instructors that they have done away with the simple multiple choice format and are now using what they call innovative questions. I am set to take my test in three days and was wondering what to expect.

Thanks in advance


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I did have some of the new format type of questions (check all that apply, fill in the blank) but they did not count as they are just "trying them out" at this time.

As far as I know, (and their have been many discussions about this on the board) the new format will not start being counted until October.

GOOD LUCK with the NCLEX! Keep us post on what happens and WELCOME to the board!



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I just took my NCLEX-PN on Friday the 22nd. I only had one of the new types of questions and it was a fill in the blank type for a calculation question. I haven't found out yet if I passed or not but the computer shut off at the minimum so I hope I did well. Hope this helps.



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fill-in-the-blank.. yuck!


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Tell us more about the fill in the blank...


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The fill in the blank that I had was're measuring the intake and output of such and such patient. He had a salad for dinner, one half cup of milk and a 4 oz chicken breast, etc. How many ml was his intake? It was so simple that I actually drew a blank. I was expecting calculations and had none! A fellow student from my nursing class took it at the same time and she had 3 calculations but said they were simple ones. Hope this helps! I still haven't heard about my results!!!! It's killing me! Say a prayer for me!


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I know you passed.

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