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Hi all I have question I did the pretest for nc4 last night and got a 66% on it I missed a few that I swore that I marked the right answer:bugeyes:. I want to know how did others do on test A I have been through a rough month last month. I plan on taking the test this Friday.

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I got an 84 on Form A. I can't remember what I got on Form B -- 80-something.

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I got a 68 and 66 and got a "C" on the exam. I took health difference 2 with is the same test. I didn't have any acid base questions which was nice. So if you want a higher grade. You might want to study a little more. This was a hard test.


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I got a 59 and a 62 and I got an A on the real thing! I got a little bit of a higher grades on nc5 and 6 but I got a C on the exams. You never no on those practice exams. I thought for sure I was going to get a A on NC 6, but I guess not.

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