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I will be moving from NC to the Columbus, GA area. (mil spouse, PCSing).  I have never had to apply for a different state license and I have started the endorsement paperwork to get my GA license and it says that I have to declare GA as my primary state of residence so I am assuming I need a GA address.  However, we are looking for houses in AL and GA since AL is right on the border. 

Does anyone know if I can still work in GA with an AL address since it is so close to the border of GA? The hospital I am interviewing require me to get my GA license but who I spoke with is unsure if that is possible with an AL address.  

I have attempted to contact GA BON multiple times via phone and email with no response.  Every time I call I get the "we have an increased call volume please try again later" and hangs up. 

Any advice/information/experience with this is appreciated.  Thank you!

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Check out the Nurse Licensure Compact Moving Scenarios: Relocating to Another State info sheet.

License by Endorsement Process


What to do when declaring a new primary state of residence or obtaining a license in another state.

If you have a  NC multistate/compact license, you can use that to practice in Georgia until you have obtained GA address and declare it as new primary state of residence as both compact states.  If you have a single state license, unable to practice in GA unless in a government facility.



The nurse is responsible for applying for licensure by endorsement in the new primary state of residence (PSOR)*. A multistate license may be issued if residency and eligibility requirements are met. If the nurse holds a single state license issued by the noncompact state, it is not affected. The nurse must hold an active license in the state where they are practicing.

The nurse is responsible for applying for licensure by endorsement in the new PSOR. The multistate license of the former state of residency is changed to a single state license upon changing legal residency to a noncompact state. The nurse is responsible for notifying the board of nursing (BON) of the former state of residency. The nurse must hold an
active license in the state where they are practicing.
When relocating to another compact state, it is the nurse's responsibility to apply for licensure by endorsement in their new PSOR within 60 days.

You must have a license in the state where you reside. Proof of residency such as a current driver's license may be required. The nurse may practice on the former home state license only UNTIL the multistate license in the new PSOR is issued. Upon issuance of a new multistate license, the former license will be deactivated.

See  Georgia Board of Nursing – Licensure By Endorsement as a Registered Nurse  You will need to submit official transcripts from your nursing education program which led to initial licensure as part of the application.  GA also requires 500 hours of practice as a registered nurse within past 4 years along with proof of citizenship.

Hope this info helps and you have a smooth move.  Thank your spouse for their military service--appreciated.!

If your NC license grants multi-state privileges, you can work in any other compact state, so long as you maintain NC as your primary state of residence.  When you relocate to another compact state you have 60 days to apply for licensure in the new state, and can work on your previous state's license while your application for endorsement is being processed.

As a military spouse, if your primary state of legal residency is a compact state, and you are licensed there with a multi-state license, when you and your spouse PCS to another compact state, you do not have to apply for licensure in the new state and can work on your license from you primary state of legal residency.  If you have any questions, you should be able to schedule an appointment with legal services on your husband's base.

What You Need to Know: Federal/Military Nurses and Spouses

Best wishes, and thank your husband for his service.

Yes, many hospital HR employees are still confused about the NLC rules. As the previous posters have mentioned, Georgia and Alabama are both compact states. You, as a military spouse,  are able to relocate without getting a new RN license, as long as your primary license (and declared state of legal residence) is compact, and your new home is in a compact state.

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Thank you guys so much for the information!! I greatly appreciate it! 

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Additional info:   one can have a single state license and live in a different state.

Be aware one does not need to live within a state to have a single state nursing license eg. single state license in Georgia yet have permanent home and live in Alabama. You can have multiple single state licenses as long as you follow each states regs regarding license renewal.

I've only lived in PA yet held Delaware and New Jersey license listing my PA address since I live within 30 minutes each states border when doing home infusion in 80's and 90's.  

Nurses Licensure Compact multistate license developed to help nurses like me to stop the needed for multiple individual state licenses along with the advent of telehealth medicine: able to provided nursing care + advice across the U.S.

Only ONE multistate license can be held in state where permanent residency  (PSOR) maintained.



Primary State of Residence (PSOR)

For compact purposes, PSOR is not related to property ownership in a state. It's about your legal residency status. Everyone has legal documents such as a driver's license, voter's card, federal income tax return, military form no. 2058 or W2 form from the PSOR. If a nurse's PSOR is a compact state, that nurse may be eligible for a multistate (compact) license. If a nurse cannot declare a compact state as their PSOR, that nurse is not eligible for a compact license. They may apply for a single-state license in any state where they wish to practice.


Glad our info is helpful as recently frequent question.  🙂


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