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Navy Nurse Corps Student Loan Repayment ???


Curious if any other direct accession candidates have been told student loan repayment is no longer available? It is still listed on navy.com (for practicing nurses).

While not the only factor, this is a huge factor in my considering the Navy. Now wondering if I should contact another branch. I want to serve this country and take care of those taking care of me...should it matter which branch?

outboundme, I would contact your recruiter again - typically every branch has annual quotas to meet - or available slots to fill.

With the economy and such.. they have an easier time as many new grads and current nurses seem more eager to join the ranks....

I would ask a few more questions - if this is the case you can work with recruiter to start putting a packet together in order to apply at the beginning of the next fiscal year... based on how things are going the bonus may or may not be available as every fiscal year the bonuses that are available are re-evaluated. So if that is the case... and bonuses are available next year..well you'd be good to go!

Alternately you can look into joining the army... just know that packet assembly takes a while..and perhaps they fill man power requirements as well.....



Has 20+ years experience.

I agree with just cause. Things always change, keep trying. I believe Fiscal year is October.

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