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Native American Indian beliefs on childbirth/pregnancy

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I am in LPN program I am writing a cultural paper on Native American Indians, and I'm

having a hard time finding any information on their child birth & pregnancy beliefs/practices.

Does anyone know of where I can find this information?

Any input will help! Thanks!

i am assuming you're doing this because there are native american people in the area where you plan to practice. how about, well, asking some of them:idea:??


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since it is a school assignment, i am going to bet that they just drew that culture from a hat. It may have nothing to do with their regions demographics.

We had a similar assignment in my class. The group that drew Native Americans had the toughest time because it is so hard to generalize when each tribe is so unique. What they ended up doing was picking a specific tribe and looking into their practices. if you want to have a more rounded view, you could pick two tribes and compare. They chose a large local tribe. Often there will be an online presence for the tribe where you can email someone and explain your interest. Most people that take the time to be apart of culltural societies are more than willing to share their heritage with others. They can direct you to literature or facilitate a phone interview. Good luck!

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What ways have you tried to find information so far?

You guys don't have access to any medical/nursing journals? You should have access through your school library.

One book I'm using is "Culture & Clinical Care" it has practices on different ethnicities.

Isbn 0943671221 maybe you can rent it? Or get access to it through an inter-library loan.