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National University's BSN program beginning in October 2014


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Hello fellow future nurses,

I recently applied to National University for the cohort beging in October 2014 at the Los Angeles campus. I have read on other threads that National has made some changes to the classes and requirements for admission into their nursing program. Since I applied at the last minute (the actual day of the deadline), I do not have a nursing advisor to answer all of my questions. Can any one shead some light on these changes and if they affect the Los Angeles campus as well or just the the San Diego campus... Thank you.

Also for any alumni or current National nursing students, are you able to work while in the program? If your job is related to the healthcare feild, does it make a difference?

Hi Babeinboots, I have taken all of my classes at National University and I was just accepted into Cohort 40 in San Diego, although I opted to start with Cohort 41. I'm pretty sure the changes affect all of the campuses. I had to add several classes to my schedule and luckily I am almost finished with them now. I had to add an Ethics class, College Algebra/Trig, Eng 240 (an academic writing class), a cultural Sociology class, Chemistry 101 and 101a (luckily I already took 101), Nutrition for Public Health, Development across the lifespan and one other NSG course that I can't recall right now. You will also need an art and a Spanish class to graduate with the BSN. A few of the old classes (that I already took every one of) were dropped. The old sociology is the only one I can think of. The counselors have not been much help recently because it is new to all of them. There is a form that was sent out to all NU prospective students that listed the changes. Maybe I can find that later and clarify. In all, it added about 6 months to my timeline. Luckily, the classes have been pretty interesting besides the math.

Hi babeinboots,

Were you able to attend a nursing forum? From what I understand, some of the new requirements are integrated into the program once you have been accepted (not necessarily required before applying). I am uncertain if this applies to all applicants, or conditional to to when an applicant started his/her course of study at National. Hopefully you have a counselor, now. If not, ---------------, the Enrollment Counselor & Dept. Coordinator for Nursing is very helpful and patient to answer any questions.

How did you do on your TEAS?

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Hi everyone,

I applied to the LA cohort starting in Oct 2014. When I attended the nursing forum we were told if we applied and were accepted to the University before March 1st then we could choose to follow the old requirements. Anyone after that date has to take the new classes. What I'm concerned about is if we are not accepted into this cohort would we then have to take all the new classes for the next cohort. I'm going to email my advisor about this just to be sure. I'm anxiously awaiting to see if I got in!:nailbiting:

Hi twoheartsasone,

I had called last week inquiring how the new requirements would affect me if I needed to apply to the next cohort in the event I didn't make the cut to the October cohort. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to take additional prereqs by the next deadline. I was reassured that because I started at National before...sometime earlier this year (sorry I don't remember the specifics), that I would still be eligible to apply. However the additional classes will still be required to take before we finish the program. Let me know if you hear differently, please!

How did you do on the TEAS?

Good luck to everyone!

Hi Westgate 729,

Thank you for the information. I'm going to contact my counselor to get a solid answer on these other classes. I was told I only needed to take nutrition and then I was done with everything but the nursing core I hope this is the case as I'm just finishing the old classes they no longer accept. I'm going to be extremely upset if I just paid for classes and still have to take the new ones as well. I was told I could choose to stay with the old requirements or take the new ones. I did so-so on the TEAS it was my her harder than the practice test I took online through ATI. I have a 4.0 GPA and think I did well on the essay so hoping this will compensate for the TEAS. What about you?

Hi Twohearts and Westgate. I think you are correct with what you are saying. March was the deadline. I don't know if they will continue indefinitely with allowing you to apply without all the additional prereq's complete, but certain students are grandfathered in for now. I knew right away, thanks to an awesome counselor who no longer works at National warned me about the change early on. I got all the classes on my schedule as soon as I could. The nice thing is that if you get accepted, they offer you to wait and start later. I don't know if this is something normal either, but I took the opportunity. There is a long list of things that have to be done before orientation and I don't want to start nursing school stressed out!

I got a 79 on the TEAS. 3.6 GPA I don't normally like to share my scores, but I know people are obsessed with figuring out where they ranked to try to determine a formula for figuring out if you got in. Anyone guilty? I was really worried about my TEAS, but I think my essay was strong.

You guys still don't know in LA? I hope you find out soon twohearts. Good luck!

Wow, good job guys! I want to be in your study groups if I get accepted! I got an 87 on the TEAS, but I have a 3.1 GPA. I am worried I didn't do as well as I needed to on the essay.

Although it is a nice option for people who need to defer, it makes me nervous knowing that means there are less spots for the incoming applicant pool.

Ahhh good luck everyone!

Thanks lotusgirly for your score break down. I'm def. guilty of comparing my scores to others but I found that in all the cohorts the scores have varied a lot. Thanks so much I really hope we find out soon! Good luck to you in the program

Yes, I considered the next cohort. I had enough reasons to justify delaying my start. I've had a lot of family stress from a recent death in the family among other reasons. This may be something they always do, but maybe not. Anyway, I hope you all get in. I think people are more likely to post their scores when they are higher, so we stress. I know it varies and it is competitive, but we aren't all perfect. 87 is a great score Westgate, so I wouldn't stress. I struggled with the math, but I did really well on Reading and Science. I just can't do math on a clock! I was sweating bullets with my score! I hope you guys get plenty of time to do the list of things they want done before orientation. It is a lot more than I thought. I just couldn't get it done in time with my life right now.

Hi Lotusgirly,

Any chance you can give me a little insight on the list?? I applied to the NU in Fresno and am waiting to hear back :)

babeinboots, BSN, RN

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Hi everybody, thanks for all the responses and information.

I don't have a nursing advisor because my major is listed as Early Childhood Education. I decided to apply for the nursing program at the last minute (literally on the day of the deadline) so I'm not sure which classes I will still need. From my own judgment its going to be 2 or 3 classes. I'm already registered for one at my local community college.

My science gpa is 3.4 and I got a 84 on my teas. I really hope they don't count attempts anymore because I have 2 "w" and that's what hurt me the first time I applied.


How were you able to defer your acceptance to the next cohort? Life has changed drastically in the past month and I may need to do that as well.

I got my acceptance letter today :yes:! Looking forward to meeting more people starting the program come Oct.

babeinboots, BSN, RN

Specializes in Labor and Delivery. Has 2 years experience.

CONGRATULATIONS twoheartsasone!!! I will see you at orientation. I am an alternate, so hopefully I will get a spot

Thanks for all info. How much is the tuition btw and how long is the program? Do they take AP classes?

If we sit down with an adviser to see which classes required to graduate BSN, then there should be no new changes right?

Hi Lotusgirly! I'm in cohort 12 in Fresno and I have a couple of questions regarding the program in SD. Would you mind contacting me via email so we can share information?



Hi Lotusgirly I know this post is old. I hope you are still there and can help me. I am getting ready to start my GE classes at NU. I would like to know how was it for you did you take your classes online and were you working wile taking your GE classes?.

-Hope to hear from you soon.