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National University Cohort 51


:nurse:Anyone out there applied to NU nursing program San Diego cohort 51 ?

Hello, how are you?

I did... I just received my email inviting me to take my TEAS and proctored essay. .. i'm super nervous this is my second time applying and I want this so bad ! How do you take in the TEAS before and if so what was your score ? Is this your first time applying ? Best of luck!!

Hey there I'm applying for the first time . I got my dates too . I took the Teas test at different school and got 82% , my GPA is 3.7 and have no idea how competitive this is . I just want to start it because I have 2 years of prerequisites and I only need nursing core classes . How about you ? What exactly happened with your first attempt ? Tell me about your teas ? Good luck fingers crossed .

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Hi, I have also applied to cohort 51 and would like to continue on the discussion about it, however, I am having trouble seeing where this discussion moved to. Can anyone help?


I have no idea but let's keep typing here .

Did you take the Teas test ?

Not yet, I am scheduled to take it Feb 23. I have been practicing a lot, but I am nervous to take it, especially with the essay beforehand. GMS88, if this is your second time applying how was the essay portion the first time?


This is my first time applying ! I am really excited but nervous ! Does anybody know some of the essay prompts that other cohorts have received?

I don't know exactly but I think it is related to nursing . Did you take your Teas test ? I have no idea how to even prepare for essay portion . Write 5 random essays :)

Hi all, I also applied to the NU nursing cohort 51. I got my date for the TEAS, 2/22. Good luck to everyone!

That is my essay date í ½í¸€ Good luck

Hey everyone!! So glad I found this! How did the Teas and essay go for everyone? I feel like I went a little off topic on the essay so we'll see what happens. These acceptance/rejection letters can't come soon enough!!

For some reason people don't like to participate in this group . I think I did well on my essay but my teas test is not competitive as it should be . I hope for the best . How did you do on your teas ?

Mine wasn't either! I ended up with a 78. At this rate I'd be ecstatic to be an alternate for 52 í ½í¸©

We will see soon . It all depends what rest of the applicants got and overall point score . The good thing is that we have chance to apply to the next one in April which is not too long to wait .

Hi guys!

I took everything at national on the 21st! Writing is not my strong suit so I'm feeling pretty weak in that area. My gpa is a 3.69 and 84.7 on the teas. The last two cohorts seemed pretty competitive, so ill be a nervous wreck until we find out ! Hope to hear from others!

Hey there so you and I are in the same shoes :) does anyone knows last cohort cutoff . I think it is usually around 83-84 points !