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I just took the exam for school nurse certification and was very frustrated because no where on the NBCSN site does it tell you what is considered a passing score. So I emailed them. They promptly replied that one needs a score of 620 to pass and receive certification. They also stated that each question is worth different points.

This is the first time I'm hearing this! Granted there is little info on the web about the NBCSN exam.

I just thought I'd put this out there for anyone else seeking this info. Older info on the web and pinterest is incorrect. I guess the exam used to contain 250 questions and a passing score was 74%....NOT NOW! I was pretty happy with how I did and felt like I passed when I thought 74% was the goal. I assumed 200 questions at 0.5pts each.

So now I have no idea how I did on this exam!:confused:

Now I have to wait 6-8 weeks for results!!! Come on! How long can it take to scan a computerized test?!

Did anyone else know this?

Any idea how questions are weighted?

620 out of what?

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Older info on the web and pinterest is incorrect.

I get that you're frustrated, but seriously, Pinterest? Definitely not a site I'd use to look for important information like a certification exam.


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You're right! Pinterest is not a source to be relied upon. But thank you for that tip!

I was just stating how I had really looked everywhere for info and there really wasn't much. An older post in comes up when you do a google search for NBCSN. However, the post is older and doesn't contain current info.

I just posted this to inform other people who may have the same questions that I had. Hope it can help someone in their quest for info.

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Well, did you pass? Taking mine in 2 weeks. So nervous!!!!