Narcotic Discrepancy

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I have been asked to come in first thing in the morning to speak with HR and my CNO in regards to narcotic discrepancies. They wouldn't give me anymore info. Any one have some suggestions for what to expect or what to say? They wouldn't give me any more over the phone. They only thing they would say is that I wouldn't be working my regular night shift tomorrow. 

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Just reading this and I hope you are doing OK. It sounds like your place of employment is accusing you of diversion. Please get a attorney  immediately to protect your rights. 

kbrn2002, ADN, RN

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It may be nothing and it may be you need an attorney ASAP to fight this. Similar thing happened to me years ago, turns out the facility called in everybody that was working during the time frame they determined the meds went missing and questioned and drug tested all of us. I was cleared and nothing more was ever said. If you are the only person they are questioning this becomes way more concerning.  

Hopefully your meeting with HR went well and nothing comes of this if indeed you did nothing wrong