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Okay, i have an updated list, and it shows the dx, but no r/t or m/b. I dont want to up those parts cuz it wont work for my instructor. She said to look online, but when i do, all i find is the book. I am unable to purchase the book, so do you guys have any idea where i can find more info for r/t and m/b?

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The related to and manifested by are the signs and symptoms the patient has they are not in any NANDA books that I know of all pieced together. So if your patient had a history of anemia you could use the diagnosis Impaired gas exchange as evidence by hbg of 3 manifested by history of anemia.

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there are companion websites for the following care plan and nursing diagnosis books that have a limited number of nursing diagnosis pages from the books on their sites that include the definition, related factors (r/t items), defining characteristics (m/b or aeb item or signs and symptoms) and some nursing interventions. i'm linking you into the lists of diagnosis pages that are on these constructor sites. these sites only contain what the webmaster/authors feel are the most commonly used nursing diagnoses and are not inclusive. you can purchase the latest nanda reference that has all 188 nursing diagnoses, their related factors and defining characteristics directly from nanda for $24.95. it is pocket sized and well worth the investment. nanda owns the taxonomy and does not release it for free. all the writers of care plan and nursing diagnosis books pay nanda a royalty for reprinting any of the nanda nursing diagnostic information. this is why it is very hard to find this information anywhere on the internet.

from the website for nursing care plans: nursing diagnosis and intervention, 6th edition, by meg gulanick and judith l. myers:

from the website for nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care, 7th edition, by betty j. ackley and gail b. ladwig

if there is ever a nursing diagnosis that you want to use and you need the r/t and defining characteristics on, pm (private message) me and i will send you the specific information from my copy of nanda-i nursing diagnoses: definitions & classification 2007-2008 until you are able to purchase your own.

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i want the latest nanda !please help me

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