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I'm doing a research about "named nurse". At first,I wondered what is all about,what does it mean? I found out that it is based on the concept of primary nursing and team nursing but in different ways. I mean, as a named nurse you are responsible for a particular group of patients and work closely with them to develop and plan their care. But the thing is,you are not necessarily the one who will give the direct nursing care unless your available unlike in primary nursing.

may concern here is the opinion from others. What they can say about name nursing?


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nobody is interested with my topic?


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Hi Boblen42

Obviously this is an issue for UK nurses! I work in a unit where the Named Nurse is used. The Named Nurse is responsible for the coordination of care and liaising with others in the multi-disciplinary team. Another function is to arrange the discharge planning. Whilst the Named Nurse is not on duty for 24 hrs any major descision must be broached first. This is an extremely successful approach to continuity BUT only in a long stay environment. I have attempted this in acute medicine without success - team nursing is more appropriate.

There are several papers available to support this .

Hope this is of use.




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Thanks Jevans. Im presently working here in Uk as a NICU nurse for 6 months now. "Named nurse" is a new term for me. They (my unit) have already used this before and it was not successful. And now they want to adapt it again, that is why they want us to be familiar with this. (so im on my research). Your right, team nursing is still the best way of delivering care to a patient.

Again, thanks a LOT !

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I have never heard of Named Nursing before. That doesn't sound like something we utilize here in the United States. Care to expound further on what a Named Nurse is and does? Thanks! :)


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Named nurse is only in use here in UK. It is a registered nurse who has responsibility for a particular group of patients and work closely with them to develop and plan their care. This means that your nursing care is designed specifically to meet your individual care needs.

Named nurse was stated in the Standard Eight of the Patient's Charter of Department of Health here in London, "that every patient has the right to receive the care of a named nurse, midwife or health visitor. It was first implented on April 1991.

It is patterned from primary nursing but not a primary nursing.

The named nurse is responsible for the planning, co-ordination and delivery of nursin care, starting from admission through the patients transfer or discharge, and arranging any subsequent follow up which maybe required.

It was not fully utilized here in UK because of some issues and comments from various commentors about its usefullness.

The only difference of these to primary nursing is that named nurse have her/his associate nurse during her off duty who is also responsible for the delivery of care.


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Is "Named Nurse" sort of like the "charge nurse" of yesterday. The charge nurse delegated what she could to the others while she did all the IV meds, IV insertions, and rounded with the doctor, admission assessments, to name a few of the duties. That's what I did years ago when I worked as the only RN on a pedi floor. I had an LPN, maybe 2. There would be 25-30 patients some days, all with IV"s. That alone kept me busy for 12 hours. The IV team wouldn't stick pedi patients, so, it was up to me. Well, that time on pedi took the green out of green horn for me!


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Yes a sort of, but as a named nurse you are not directly giving care to your patient. You have your associate nurse that you can discussed your plans about your patient. If your out for vacation, you have to hand over to her everything about your patient. As a named nurse you can act as collaborator,advocator and an educator of your patient.You can discussed and give the information about your patient to multidisciplinary team.

it's a little bit confusing, but it is working here.

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sounds like primary nursing of old........

no insult intended.....that is just how this old corporate health care system moves in this old usa.........

not that i agree with it.........

because primary nursing is grande' in the ideal...........

but only if you allowed to carry it out..........

god, i love my patients........i truly do'



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And then everyone is clear who to blame if anything goes wrong!


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Who works as "associate nurse"? You are right, I am confused. : )


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An associate nurse is the other registered nurse who will work and give nursing care to your patient. Just like in primary nursing.

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