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does anyone know how to go about with a name change?

i just recently got divorced, and i got the letter in the mail that allows for my maiden name to be given back to me. i just dont know how i'd go about it. any suggestions will be gladly appreciated.


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First thing is to head to the local social security office. Show them divorce paper and they will issue a new card. You will have to wait for that to arrive in the mail (7-10 days). Next, go to your local DMV. Show Divorce papers and new SSN card. Get new DL and registrations (for vehicles). Call auto insurance co next (ya don't need the hassle of a mis-match if an officer pull you over!)

Next, go to the bank where you have your accounts. Get that changed.

Call your utility companies and change it there (only JEA required that I provide the paper in person).

Next call your credit cards. (Only Hooters MC required a fax of document, the rest did it on the phone).

Takd New DL and SSN to your college and have them change it

******WORD OF CAUTION*****

My CC uses GMAIL for everyone. No problem...except I do all my classes online (Blackboard had me as new name and FCCJ had me as new had OLD name! Imagine the confusion! I just (today) got reinstated to my STA class after my online prof disenrolled me for non-attendance! (emails were being required....and my new last name never sent any!)


That about sums it up.

Call the FLBON to change your name on your licence.


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Thanks! Gladly appreciate it! :up:

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wow! what a hassle to change your last name!

I never changed my name because I had scholarships, and now that I am settled in the career I was thinking about doing it== but never mind, it's too much of a hassle.

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