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As if I wasn't under enough stress, my application packet was already late (not my fault, due to other circumstances involving the school). Luckily I had been talking to the Director of the program, so I rushed to the campus. My packet was accepted, and complete... but then it happened, I was informed that I needed to take and pass the TEAS test a.s.a.p. to be considered in the final applicant pool.

I came home Friday night (7/24/09) and started doing an intense research on the TEAS. I was instantly overwhelmed and extremely scared. I mean, if I didn't pass this test in a minimal amount of time I was dead in the water with this school.

Saw on forums people stressed the Science/Math sections. So I read up a little on that, Saturday I was gone all day, and Sunday I was pretty lazy since I figured I could put it off serious studying a little longer.

Woke up early Monday morning and called my local University and found out they offered TEAS testing twice a day, all week long. Only ran into one problem, today at noon was my only option. So I rushed down there (about an hour away), filled out the paperwork, registered on the ATI site and went to work. Only took me a little over an hour.

So in the end, I did pretty well. My overall was in the 80's, not bad considering my circumstances I suppose.

I'm 28 years old, some college, and currently a CNA/EMT-B. So that might of helped some.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer.

I'm all but formally accepted (haven't received my official letter), but I got a verbal by the Director.


Reading - Very basic in my opinion. Read a passage, pick an answer.

Math - Lots of decimals, and multi-part problems. Some percentages, decent amount of fractions.

Science - I had A LOT of earth science, rocks, earth crust, and a decent amount of chemistry questions.

English - A LOT of picking the correct spelling, and correcting sentence passages, pretty basic.

Science was BY FAR the most difficult for me.


WOW that sounds very intense but I am so glad to hear that you did well under those circumstances. I am going to take the TEAS next month and I am really worried about the math part. Did you have tons of word problems? I really hate those. For the fraction what do you mean like turn improper fractions into whole ones and adding and subtracting them? Also for the English part did you have comma questions. Lastly for science did you have a lot of anatomy and physiology? Micro? When you say earth science you mean like terms and definitions? For chemistry was it conversions or remembering formulas? Thanks in advance and congrats!

Fractions - Adding, dividing, or simply comparing a ratio to a fraction. All fraction questions were basic with whole numbers that made the question easily understandable.

Word problems - Very few, with a graph or two. Small passages, nothing complex.

A good amount of my math was whole numbers, and decimals.

English - There were various comma options in the picking the right replacement for said sentence. Pretty basic though.

Like 3 total questions involving anatomy/the body/physio. Most were about rocks, what happens to rocks in time, what part of the earths crust is this (diagram), and super random stuff like that.

I think it is so funny that the earth science part seems to always be on there :) Glad it went well. I hope to report the same thing in about 10 days.

California--how do you study/prepare for the rocks/super random stuff? and how did you study for the English portion

There's A TEAS study guide, but makesure you study science separtely. You can got to the public library and get "Science: Homework Helper" it's a small paperback study guide.

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